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My Journey to Divorce Recovery

Breaking the cycle of relationship failures After two painful divorces and many failed relationships, I fell into the pit of despair, feeling hopeless and worthless – and yet longing for love. I could hardly get out of bed in the morning and lay there, pitying myself and feeling the anxiety of no one in my […]

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Do You Need to Love Yourself In Order to Love Others?

The answer according to most psychologists is: “It depends!” I know, that is a very unsatisfying response, so let’s dig a little deeper. If you loathe yourself, it will be very difficult to really love another. It is hard to mask self-hatred. It gets in the way of expressing loving feelings and in the way […]

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Love or Fear Instinct? Impact on Predicting Relationship Behavior

By Dr. Diane Kramer, Extraordinary Self Online Programs Co-Founder A patient in my marital therapy practice said to me yesterday: “Dr. Diane, I used to trust my gut. Now I am not sure.” I reassured her (let’s call her Anna) that she was on the right track by doubting her gut. Why? Her gut feelings […]

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8 Key Abilities that Transform Lives to Extraordinary

Digging into the Roots of Success In 2004, our startup team of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers and Psychologists analyzed why some individuals were highly successful and emotionally positive, while others with similar education and experience were not. Our exploration eventually enabled us to teach others to master 8 Key Abilities that transform lives from ordinary to […]

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What the Inner Critic or Inner Judge Does For Us

But Is There Another Way? Amanda was extremely attached to her father, not only because he was loving, kind and supportive. His criticism and pushing motivated her to achieve “The Win.” With “The Win” came the dazzle of fatherly approval. To get the approval she craved, Amanda pushed herself to become an all A student. […]

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

And how does NLP Factor into the Extraordinary Self® Program? Did you ever wonder why some people seem stuck in their lives, while others are thriving? Why do these thriving individuals reach outcome after outcome as they move forward in time? Back in the 60s, two men, Richard Bandler and John Grinder (along with Judith […]

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How the Extraordinary Self® Program Came to Be

In 1969, while a doctoral student in psychology – and contemplating a troubled world – Diane Kramer heard a spiritual inner voice say: “The world will shift in a positive direction with Evolution, Belief Changes and Computers.” That intriguing message set her on a course to help herself and others evolve to a life of consistent good feelings, continual inner satisfaction, and ongoing success.

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Should You End Your Relationship or Marriage?

Insights from Dr. Diane Kramer, a Relationship Therapist for 35 years, and Co-Founder of Extraordinary Self Online e-Courses Ending a long relationship is not an easy process. It can be financially, emotionally and physically gut wrenching, even if you are the one wanting out. Do you have to go? It depends. Sometimes yes and sometimes […]

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New Directions: Finding Yourself, Your Mission and Your Goals

Recently, a coaching client confessed to my Extraordinary Self partner, Donna, and myself, that she did not know what she wanted next in her life. I was perplexed. This person had developed an amazingly successful business. Puzzled, I asked myself how can someone like her not know what she wants next in her life? How […]

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How Stress Can Impact Your Relationships

When I think of all the Relationships I have helped over the years, one aspect stands out more than any other — the impact of stress! The stress factor often differentiates good, successful relationships from those that need a lot of help. Why is Stress, or better yet, your Stress level, such a big factor […]

Transforming Inner Resources into Inner Power

Everyone has them. We’re talking about inner resources – the varying personality parts that make us tick. When transformed from hindrances to resources, they make us stronger and more capable. They also help us lead more extraordinary lives. Sadly, not everyone acknowledges these inner parts or has learned to befriend them. Does making friends or […]

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Overcome the Marital Vicious Cycle

How Change Happened

I dashed their individual hopes, and began to point out their Vicious Cycle to them. Within a few sessions, they each began to recognize and say to each other: There is the Vicious Cycle again. We got triggered. Let’s STOP!

Once they each calmed down, they learned two important things: (1) To treat each other with significant respect, and (2) To talk out their needs, asking for what they each want and asking for collaboration and compromise.

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My Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary

What if you could change the voices in your head that keep you from going for what you really want?”
That really struck a chord with me! Earlier that morning, while visiting conference trade show booths, I spied a business opportunity I wanted to pursue. Having recently developed a course for creating winning B2B sales proposals, I wanted to ask for a meeting with one of the trade show booth vendors.

As I approached that booth, a voice in my head said, “Maybe this isn’t the right time … Maybe it would be rude to talk about my own business when he is trying to showcase his business (which was a university business program). His school paid for the booth, not me … Maybe my business partner would prefer that we discuss it first …

Overcome Your Self-Defeating Patterns

Embracing New Skills Unlocks Your Potential Wonder why you’ve been stuck in the same old, same old? Have you wanted to dig out, but believe you can’t change? Are you feeling like change is a hopeless cause? Then, you’ll want to meet Beverly, the role model we introduce in Extraordinary Self® courses. Beverly learned how […]

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Living Your Best Vibe Podcast Features Dr. Diane Kramer

Ready for a dive into what it means to live as your Extraordinary Self®? “Setting criteria for what she wanted in her life was a game changer for Dr. Diane Kramer, founder of the Extraordinary Self® Program.” — Lizzie Brayton, Living Your Best Vibe Podcast Dr. Kramer, along with partner Donna Anselmo, recently moved the […]

Are Your Beliefs Ensuring More Extraordinary in Your Life?

Do You Believe in Yourself? Do you wish you had more confidence? Do you hope for more influence or control over your life? Then learn the Key Beliefs of Extraordinary Selves. First, Extraordinary Selves believe in their own intrinsic self worth. As a result, they are not easily dissauded and discouraged from reaching for goals. […]