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What is an Extraordinary Self? Someone who masters the mindset for success.

Let's Define Extraordinary!

Do you feel good about yourself sometimes, but not always? Are you occasionally hard on yourself … blaming and shaming yourself because of your circumstances, perceived failures or physical attributes? If so, you are not alone. Do you have the loving relationship you want? How about that career success?

Like many people, you probably enjoy life sometimes and feel good about yourself sometimes. You accomplish goals sometimes, too. That’s what ordinary life is like. Even so, you may not consistently feel the good feelings you want to feel or reach more your goals as often as you would like.

If you’re happy with that, then we’re happy for you. But like many people, you might want more. You might want more joy, love, energy, and creativity. You might want better relationships, more productivity and more success overall.

We all know that everyone feel good sometimes and succeed sometimes. Most people have learned to reach some of their goals.

But – maybe we don’t feel good about ourselves when we fail, are criticized or rejected, or maybe our relationship falls into the 50% headed for divorce, or our career leaves us dissatisfied.

Sometimes. we also know there’s more life, business and relationship potential for us to enjoy in bigger and better ways. Our Transformation Programs and Coaching help Extraordinary Selves embrace their personal power and learn a system that works from the inside out to achieve the outcomes they want — consistently.

Ordinary Mindset, Typical Lives

People who live ordinary lives—aka Ordinary Selves—get caught in thought and behavior patterns that keep them stuck in the same old, same old arguments, results and life-limiting beliefs they’ve held almost forever. They haven’t learned how to change the nagging thoughts that result in self-criticism, low self-worth, and lack of sustained motivation.

(Note: We are not meaning that there is something wrong with Ordinary. We just want more, based on our definition of Ordinary – meaning Average.)

On average, people see their world through filters that sometimes make them feel disempowered, hurt, sad, stressed, anxious, jealous, negative and/or depressed. Sometimes they may feel good, even great. But later, they find themselves triggered and caught in negative mind filters that frame their perceptions. They stay stuck in self-defeating patterns, such as procrastination, avoidance, anger, sadness, stress and withdrawal, that limit their outcomes.

Ordinary Selves typically flap up and down with fluctuating self-worth. When they get good responses from others, they feel good and valued, and are more likely to stay motivated toward goals.

But when they feel criticized, unappreciated, or unloved, they let that outside information (the opinions of others) wound them inside. And, those inner wounds keep them from reaching for more in life—from reaching for the extraordinary future that is really just a few learning steps away.

The good news is that we can change! People can change! People do change—and they experience extraordinary results—once they learn how. You can change your own mind and behavior (in a positive way) and change your life, too! Our Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs show you how.

Extraordinary Mindset, Extraordinary Lives

Extraordinary Selves use “mindful awareness,” aka “mindfulness,” to notice their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions, while staying present in the moment. Based on their awareness and deep change strategies, they have learned to consciously choose how they respond to events in their life. They’ve learned to live and work on—and with—purpose.

Extraordinary Selves set big breakthrough goals and have learned how to consistently get the results they want. They’ve learned to master the mind filters influencing their perceptions and actions. They realize they are in charge of their emotions, and can change or manage them when needed.

Extraordinary Selves take responsibility for the part they play in shaping their own inner and outer worlds. They have learned how to give and accept feedback without the feeling the pain of criticism.

Having developed an integrated and self-empowering mental set and behaviors, Extraordinary Selves move forward in their world with more confidence, satisfaction and success. They think and act in ways that lead to the outcomes they target. And, even when the going gets tough—even if they temporarily fall off-track—they know how to get back on track and re-build their momentum—and they do it. That’s what being extraordinary is all about.

Extraordinary Selves are willing to target bigger goals. They reach those goals more consistently, while feeling good about themselves—regardless of what’s happening in their environment.

They know their worth comes simply from being born into this world as a living, breathing being. As a result, they have stopped doubting themselves, and they are confident in their ability to conceive and create the extraordinary life they want.

For some, extraordinary living means clarity, compassion, and self acceptance, feeling good about themselves regardless of the words of critical others. For others, it means being confident enough to set big breakthrough goals and strategic enough to achieve them.

For many, being an Extraordinary Self means making good decisions and using Win/Win thinking that leads to better personal relationships and business outcomes.

Do you want to be your Extraordinary Self®? Are you ready to transform your mindset, change your thinking, manage your feelings and develop more helpful behaviors, too? Are you ready to invest in you? Then you are ready for Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs.

What Life Do You Want Instead?

What do you want instead? What kind of feelings, life, and relationships will bring you more fulfillment?

Imagine your future as if you are already there. Close your eyes and notice what is happening around you in your new extraordinary future. What are you seeing, hearing, feeling and believing?

In the Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs, you’ll have many opportunities to explore and practice the extraordinary abilities that lead to extraordinary futures.

Dive right in if you’re ready for the more Extraordinary Life! Whichever Program or Coaching option you choose, you’ll find yourself growing by leaps and bounds once you begin practicing the thinking, skills and strategies you’ll learn.