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What Extraordinary Self Graduates Say

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  • “Nothing else compares—therapy, Landmark/Legacy, self-help books—nothing!  The Extraordinary Self approach has given me a new ability to turn down the noise and reclaim my self-worth. Best of all, I feel happy, completely fulfilled and appreciate all that I am.  The tools are easy to use and integrate with my everyday life. In business I am progressing because I no longer procrastinate and I have become much more efficient and productive. I can move beyond past obstacles and meet daily challenges, handle all kinds of situations and make important decisions.  I’m feeling much more comfortable with myself and completely energized.”

    President, Aklyn Marketing
  • “‘My strong feelings about the impact of this program are even more credible now, several months after completing the Extraordinary Self Program … As a professional person with daunting responsibilities and high reaching goals, nothing feels overwhelming or impossible. I am exactly the same person, with the same gifts, talents and skills. I needed to refine the gold … This is a revolutionary program. Everyone who participates is touched and changed where they need to be. For me, identifying core beliefs that were limiting my dreams, learning to feel confident about decisions, and negotiating on my own behalf were life changing.”

    Founding Director, Energia Partnership, Farmingdale, NY
  • “I am very focused on the execution on my business objectives and real progress is being made. I am much more relaxed and I have much better control over the emotional triggers that in the past caused me to react instead of act. I reached my original 90-day business goal within the first month since taking “The Extraordinary Self” Program. I have tripled my 90-day objectives and feel confident that they will be reached. The “Extraordinary Self” Program has me focused, energized, positive and my productivity has increased tremendously. I feel great!”

    President, JAS Consulting, Inc.
  • “I remember what influenced me to enroll in the Extraordinary Self Program. It was the fact that it is a neurolinguistic program. Sometime last summer, I had heard an audio interview with Tony Robbins and he mentioned that a neurolinguistic program is what enabled him to sustain success. He had started to change and then had a relapse until he found a neurolinguistic program. It clicked with me because for years all the programs I have taken have been helpful; however, after some time, I would forget or most of the time not utilize the information.

    “However, with the Extraordinary Self program, I discovered what was holding my self-confidence and self-worth back. In addition, I also learned steps on how to empower myself in my career, relationships, and challenging situations so I can “stand up and play ball” in all of life’s situations. It is a feel good and powerful program. Thank you Diane for teaching me how to be my extraordinary self!’

    President, Empire Electronics
  • “Each time I make use of the system, it works to get me to a better place. It really works!!!!!”

    Vice President - Human Resource, Community Development Corporation of Long Island
  • “Diane Kramer in her unique program strives to move us from ordinary to extraordinary and succeeds.She is knowledgeable and intuitive and consistent about her dedication to the process she has so extraordinarily developed. We have managed to use her process in personal and business matters with convincing results. This combined with her personal commitment is an experience all should have.”

    President, Sterling Mortgage
  • “I can step outside of the situation I am in and go to a place where I can rediscover my power…..change the negative beliefs about myself and draw from the positive energy. As a result, I am more confident, playing life at a higher level, and my relationships with men, women, and my family have gotten better.”

    Richard Corriedor, President, AB Surveillance Systems
    President, AB Surveillance Systems
  • ”I enrolled in this program to take my business to the next level by focusing on marketing rather than the day-to-day minutia of running a financial planning practice. The results so far have been beyond my expectations. I have quieted the internal judge or critic. I am using the Judge and other internal parts as aids rather than irritants. I am more productive in business and more focused. I knew I was different about three weeks into the program when I noticed a quieting of my internal self-talk. I can get things done faster now and I am more decisive. The inner dialogue is more supportive. I am more courageous in asking for business. I don’t worry as much. The bonus is that I am also having a better relationship with my husband. I am better able to see things from his perspective and he is calmer. We are able to come to agreement rather than either having to win. I am now confidently growing my business to the extraordinary business that I’m proud of.”

    Associate Financial Advisor, Abney & Associates
  • “I have made breakthroughs since beginning this program both personally and professionally, both in terms of progress and in terms of clarity. I have developed more confidence and decisiveness. I am moving forward and stepping out of my comfort zone. There are subtle shifts – small shifts with big results. I feel different and like I can do it! I now have more tools and resources and more confidence. I am more aware and more responsible. I have created new opportunities, gotten clarity, become more aware and responsible and have better boundaries. Others are giving me more of what I want.”

    Vice Pesident of Marketing, ClearStream, Inc.
  • “Learning to be my Extraordinary Self everyday, regardless of circumstances, has been an incredibly enlightening experience… In my opinion, everyone can benefit from this class!”

    Director of Marketing, St. Johns University
  • “Working with The Extraordinary Self Program has produced significant results for me both personally and professionally. I have found the methods in the program very applicable to all the major issues I face daily in my business and personal life. The Extraordinary Self Program has greatly helped me clarify my goals and the obstacles I face in reaching them. I continually use the strategies I have learned and have found them to be remarkably effective. I strongly recommend The Extraordinary Self to anyone seriously interested in transforming their lives towards greater success and happiness.”

    Business Consultant, Great Neck, NY
  • “‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’, says Mahatma Gandhi. ‘Seeking the change, ‘says Gandhi, ‘keeps it one step out of reach. Being the change, makes it happen.’ The Extraordinary Self Program helps you be that change through personal transformation.”

  • “The growth I have experienced as a result of attending the Extraordinary Self Program has been exceptional. Gone are the days of procrastination and mediocre self-worth. I am more focused, more relaxed, and confident that I can accomplish any goal I choose.

    “I have already achieved many of my Break-Through Outcome goals using the tools presented in this program, from dealing with others to dealing with myself! I am highly motivated and empowered. There is nothing I cannot do!”

    Senior Programmer, Plainview, New York
  • “I am clear about my mission and purpose. My Inner Judge is supporting me. I am taking 100% Responsibility for my emotions.”

    KAREN P.
  • “I am feeling more empowered and more hopeful and more energized. Feeling better about moving toward and deserving a good life.”

  • “This class has changed me in so many ways. I learned how to deal with my emotions like anger and sadness. I also learned how to keep my eye on my goal of striving for a high GPA.

    I am very grateful for this psychology class. This the best I have done at NCC so far and I give almost all credit to the Extraordinary Self Breakthrough Outcome Project.”

    College Student
  • “The two most important results from this Extraordinary Self project were that I learned how to chunk down overwhelming situations and that I learned how to take next small steps rather than trying to achieve everything at once. I get stressed out very easily so it was great that I learned to detach from negative situations and change problem thinking to solution thinking.”

    Nassau Community College
  • “In Business I use to talk good and then avoid doing things because I was afraid I would fail. Now I just keep going.”

    Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • “The Extraordinary Self program has made me refocus on me, taught me to let go of negative feelings and given me strategies to chunk problems and celebrate each step along the way to the solution. My relationships have changed and I feel at peace with myself. Sometimes I think I’m dreaming. Thank you for having the vision to create this program!”

  • “I took the Extraordinary Self Program just as I was entering into a challenging transition period in my career…. I’ve been able to move through this transition powerfully.…. I have a lot more peace and enthusiasm. I find I am free of past limiting interpretations of the experience I am moving through. I am excited about this time, and I am able to enjoy watching what unfolds…. Thank you for this extraordinary program!”

    Director of Community Programs, National Association of Mother's Centers
  • “[The] Extraordinary Self program is the most effective program I ever participated in…. What makes Dr. Kramer’s program so effective and powerful is the practical, applicable curriculum. The result is a dynamic and powerful program that allowed me to experience results at lightening speed. If you want to live a better life, take this program. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

    Chief Marketing Officer, Alers Consulting
  • “I was skeptical about the promise of becoming my ‘Extraordinary Self’… I had tried self help, Landmark, spirituality, counseling … None of these courses answered the question, ‘How to make the changes part of me?’ Simply stated, that is the Extraordinary Self difference. As I progressed through the 7 step process, I acquired the tools, strategies, and internal support needed to make and experience “real’ change in me…. not in weeks or months but after only a couple of sessions. “

    Principal, Crescendo Associates
  • “I am feeling better about myself. I am not lonely anymore.”

    Nassau Community College
  • “The possibility of being able to negotiate my internal conflicts … was a profound change for me ….. I felt a sense of relaxation and control as I saw this shift within myself. I felt fully integrated and relaxed. Fear was gone as I had known it, and an expanded sense of confidence to reach my goals and dreams. With my energy in full bloom, no longer taken by constant mental struggle … I am ready for action!”

    Neuro-LInguistic Programming Trainer and Coach
  • “….. I have accomplished more of my goals over the eight weeks of the Program than in the previous year, also alleviating the tension of being overwhelmed …. When my short-term goals were completed so rapidly and without effort, my goals have become larger, once again with the confidence that I know they will be met, tiny steps at a time. The Extraordinary Self is an extraordinary program that did change my life.”

    Senior Account Executive, Bi-County Mailing
  • “The Program enabled me to ‘get out of my own way’ and have much more fun doing what I have to do – not because I have to, but because I want to.”

    Business Owner, NY, NY
  • “…. The Extraordinary Self Program taught me how to channel negative energy into positive energy. I highly recommend this course! As each day passes, I can feel myself becoming more and more confident that I can achieve my goals. This is truly Extraordinary!”

    T&M Printing Services Unlimited, LLC
  • “Diane you are truly an effective leader and coach. Thank you for your dedication and support. I recommend the Extraordinary Self Program to everyone – business and individual .… I have direction now; when I feel overwhelmed or confused, I have my road map to get me back to correct thinking – thinking like the Extraordinary Self; would think … I have an interview tomorrow for a new opportunity with my present company, and I am looking into a certification in GE’s Green Belt, and other programs. My new mantra is: The Extraordinary Me – empowered and guided by spirit. You have planted the seeds of utilizing the course in Career Counseling and in Professional Development.”

    JVAC, HR Team Leader, Major Banking Institute, Delray Beach, Fla.
  • “Two results I got out of this Extraordinary Self project were I learned to stand up for myself and what I believe by having more confidence. I broke off with my abusive boyfriend, something I never thought I could do.”

    Nassau Community College
  • “The Extraordinary Self Program is everything it purports to be. It has made a big difference in my business and personal life… This is truly an extraordinary program. I recommend it to anyone who would like to identify the behaviors that are holding them back from being an Extraordinary Self.”

    Performance Development Solutions, LLC
  • “After two weeks into the workshop, I made positive changes in my life. I am energized about my goals and confident that I have the tools to use in situations that previously would have been devastating. Now I have a mission statement for my career and personal life. Overall, my relationships improved, and I feel prepared to continue work toward my ‘breakthrough outcome.'”

    College Administrator, Long Island, NY
  • “I originally enrolled in the Extraordinary Self program to help me formulate and achieve my business goals. What I got out of the program was much more than that. The Extraordinary Self program taught me how to overcome the roadblocks that have stopped me from accomplishing my objectives. I can now “step out” of negative situations and circumstances, view the issues without emotion and take action to move in a direction that is more in line with what I want to achieve. I no longer avoid confrontation or react in anger and frustration. I am able to respond calmly and rationally to everything life throws at me, both at work and in my personal life.”

    Lawyer and Manager
  • “Diane Kramer’s Extraordinary Self Program helped me to streamline my mission and thus the means for achieving it!”

    Psychologist, Lucid Learning Systems
  • “I used to react quickly and aggressively. Now I step back and evaluate and react. I used to not listen; now I listen more openly and learn. I used to not accept change well, now I change and flow with change instead of fighting it. I used to say I can’t, now I say I can and how do I start? I used to fear the unknown. Now I accept it and pull towards the experience as a new step process. I used to feel inferior to superiors. Now I feel strong and confident to approach the confrontation. I used to be quiet and to myself. Now I exchange thoughts, opinions and knowledge. I used to feel overwhelmed. Now I feel confident to break things down to doable sizes.
    In business I used to feel unsure of myself and my knowledge. ow I have the desire to ask questions and learn. I used to feel unproductive, not contributing financially. Now I feel supportive and able to contribute to the financials and self wants more freely.”

    Mortgage Broker
  • “I came in to the Extraordinary Self Program not believing that anything would change… And now 2 months later, I have met Patti and I like her. I have started on the Fat Flush Diet and have already lost six pounds. The ES Program is helping me with the hard part of the diet. The weight program is helping me with the weight part. The Extraordinary Self Program is very enlightening, painful at times, but it is teaching me to live with insight and self-awareness …. The Program is giving me terrific insight. The big change is HOPE, which was sadly lacking when I got there the day I walked in to the Extraordinary Self office. [Now] I feel that I am really worth it. Now I am willing to balance working and enjoying myself. It’s what I have always wanted. I am thrilled. I would recommend this program to … to everyone, especially the weight sufferers. They can all benefit if they are willing to work at it.”

    New York
  • Thank you and I actually see this course making a huge difference on how i communicate with people. It was fun actually seeing it put to use and it WORKED!!!

    The funny part about this program is that everything you need, you already have in you. You just need to learn how to use it and retrain your brain.

    RICK S.
    Graphic Artist