Extraordinary Self® is Your Chance for Meaningful Change | Transformational Programs for Personal Growth and Professional Development.

Why Our Programs Work

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Why Our Transformation Programs Work

How We Define Success

Do you wonder what it takes to be successful and satisfied in life – continually? Different people define success in different ways. For us, success is learning how to consistently get outcomes you want, in an ethical way, with great integrity, self-value and self-reliance. We believe success is a habit that can be learned when you embrace a learning-focused mindset that typically leads to more joy and fulfillment.

Developing the success pattern is more complicated than defining it. Unless you also learn how to live in an ongoing state of satisfaction and well-being, success can be accompanied by anxiety, stress and discomfort. It all depends on how your mind works. Your mind can be either your best friend or your worst enemy.

Luckily, your mind is in your control. Master your mind to cultivate your Extraordinary Self®!  Take our Self Assessment to see which strengths you’re ready to develop now!

Continuous learning is the antidote to failure! And, our proven step-by-step learning process — supported by insight, exercises, visualizations and other tools — helps you learn and change at a deep level.

Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs also provide multiple roadmaps to meet individual “learning-to-change” needs. And they are structured to help you sustain motivation and transform into the Extraordinary Self® you want to be!

Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs go deep in providing help. Our getting-started Blueprint for Success,  learning-rich in-depth e-Courses (and optional Coaching program), plus our live group Success Time sessions for ongoing support, empowerment and engagement in the change process provide comprehensive support to help you reinvent and empower yourself for more satisfaction in life, relationships, and work.

Programs are organized so participants “can’t not learn.” Each Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program offers multiple interactive components that will help you engage in the change process and stay motivated:
Our Blueprint for Success helps you get started focusing on what you want and the changes you need to make to get there.
• Our Transformation Programs’ e-Courses provide multiple interactive components and exercises to engage you in the change process and motivate you to “stay the course.” Deep insights help you understand the reasons behind the changes you are making and how to make them stick.
 Learning-rich visualizations built into every e-Course lesson help you make permanent change.
Instructions with practice exercises to reinforce what you are learning.
Breathing exercises to facilitate mindful awareness and inner calm.
Belief change exercises – from limiting to liberating – to foster development.
Transformation of your Inner Critic or Judge to your Inner Coach
Extensive tools, including assessments, written exercises, your own online journal, goals/action planning tool, learning checks, coaching emails and other support.
Proprietary learning tools to concretize your new skills.
Password protected online journal – because writing is proven to help cement learning. It engages you in another sensory experience. Use this journal to keep track of your shifting awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as you begin reinventing your mind and using your new skills to transform your life. Also, use it to look back on your progress and write about your intentions for your Extraordinary Future.
An online Goals/Action Planning Tool to help you plan, track and achieve the goals you set.
Learning Checks to assess your progress and stay on track.
Feedback loops so you can share your comments with us and evaluate your success.
10 weeks of coaching support, via email, delivered to your inbox to help you stay on track.
Interactive audio visualizations to help you make permanent change.
Live group Success Time sessions with us, Donna and Dr. Diane, keeps you motivated and engaged in the longer-term learning process. During Success Time, you will refresh goals, set action steps, review progress, troubleshoot obstacles, ask questions, learn new concepts and engage in a change visualization

On your learning journey, feel free to explore our blogs and download our eBooks. To internalize your learning, take our Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs, really practice what you learn, sign up for our news and blog, participate in our webinars and join our online community. And be sure to participate in our “Live Success Time” sessions during which you will have direct access to us (Donna and Diane) during this discussion time. These hours are reserved for registered Program participants only.

Live Success Time is your chance to review progress with us, refresh goals, set your next action steps, and bring troubleshooting challenges to us. We may also focus on a specific change topic during a session, and provide a change visualization at the end. Access to Success Time is included with your Extraordinary Self Transformation Program – and reserved for Program registrants only.