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Build the Strengths You Need


Are you looking to build confidence or emotional strength? Do you need to break with thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck in the same-old,  same old? Each course in our Resource Course series, like facets of a diamond, sheds light on a different aspect of your Inner Self. Each course teaches a distinct set of skills to enhance your personal power. Each course prepares you to become stronger in your managing thoughts, feelings, life, work and relationships, through its own targeted lens for ongoing self-development.

Extraordinary Self Resource Courses help you connect with your authentic self, experience life with more joy, and create greater success and satisfaction as you journey through this life.
Each course leads you through self-reflection and understanding of core concepts that impact your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. Each course also delivers powerful and specific tools for change, while leading you through the change process and empowering you to choose and work toward the outcomes you want in life. We offer the courses in a self-paced version, or you may combine them into a coaching and learning package, individualized for you.

Based on your Self Assessment, choose the course or courses that feel most relevant to your challenges. Start with one course and add others as you begin practicing and benefiting from your evolving mindset and skills. Or prepare for massive change by purchasing the entire Resource Course series, and enjoy a massive discount.

What the Extraordinary Self Resource Courses offer for your empowerment:

  • An individual strength assessment to guide your learning direction.
  • Guided exercises that prepare you for deep personal transformation in the area(s) you choose, while building strength and self awareness as you go.while building more self-awareness as you go.
  • Instruction on how to identify your path (or paths) forward, and action steps to keep you moving ahead
  • An online journal in a private space,
  • Visualizations to help you connect with the inner resources and strengths you need.

Not sure which course you need? Take our complimentary Self Assessment to decide which Extraordinary Self course or courses will deliver the outcomes you want. As you do the work, you’ll empower yourself to create the kind of changes you desire.

We suggest that you eventually make time to work through the entire series because together these courses offer an integrated experience to deepen your insights and sharpen a blend of skills that create extraordinary sustainable changes.

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