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Wondering where to start? Self Assessment

Extraordinary Self® Transformation Assessment

Worried about setting big goals? If so, you are not alone. The prospect of self-transformation may feel daunting. You may not know where to start. You may feel it is too hard to change old patterns that block your way. You may feel overwhelmed with all the changes you desire in your life. Or, you may have just one attribute, trait or skill that needs tuning. 

Perhaps you are looking to launch yourself into your future, full sail. Maybe you just want to dip a toe into the waters of change. We get it.

That’s why we’ve designed the Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs to match your own special needs. By taking the Self Assessment below, you can evaluate your specific needs and Transformation Goals. The Self-Assessment below will help you decide how to begin and which Extraordinary Self Transformation Program(s) or Coaching (Packages) to select.

Self-Assessment 1
Core Strength Needs

Is This You?

You want to experience more success and satisfaction with yourself, your relationships and your productivity.

You need a better way to reach your personal, relationship, productivity and/or business goals.

You sense there is more to life and yet can’t grasp that inner satisfaction and outer success.

You are sometimes too overcome with self-doubt to push forward.

You find yourself enmeshed in negative relationships and self-defeating experiences.

You crave more of what you see others enjoying.

You beat yourself up inside when you think you’ve made a mistake or failed at something.

You stop yourself from dreaming big dreams because you believe they won’t come true.

You dread encounters with those whom you suspect may reject and criticize you, or not recognize your value.

You fear failure too much to try for the brass ring.


If you agree with most of the above statements, and you want to change at a deep level, then sign up for the Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program:  Awaken 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future. This Program includes our highly comprehensive e-Course with 17 lessons and 266 engaging screens. (If the above list does not describe you, see the next section, Self-Assessment 2, below.)

In our deep Awaken Eight Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Program, you will develop deeper self-awareness and learn how to use it for lasting change.

Specifically, you will learn to transform self-defeating patterns, low self-esteem, your critical inner judge and poor decision-making into an Extraordinary Self mindset with resourceful thoughts, feelings and behavior. You will practice and internalize the lessons as you do.

In this Program, you will first focus on your getting-started Blueprint for Change. Then you will turn to your e-Course and access eight powerful modules of Transformation that work together to make significant change possible. As you move through the e-Course, you will come to weekly Success Time with us (Donna and Dr. Diane), to reinforce your learning, stay motivated, and troubleshoot any obstacles that are getting in your

You will learn to set breakthrough goals and move toward those goals, transforming failures into positive learning opportunities that get you where you want to be.

You will stop beating yourself up and instead learn to maintain positive motivation throughout your life journey.

You will start to experience ongoing success and satisfaction with yourself, your relationships and your productivity.

In this Program, you will first focus on your getting-started Blueprint for Success. Then you will turn to your e-Course and access eight powerful modules of Transformation that work together to make significant change possible. As you move through the e-Course, you will come to weekly Success Time with us (Donna and Dr. Diane), to reinforce your learning, stay motivated, and troubleshoot any obstacles that are getting in your way.

This integrated Program structure is designed to help you change multiple aspects of self systematically — with each change reinforcing the others — for extraordinary impact. This 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future e-Course is based on the original Extraordinary Self bricks-and-mortar Program that helped thousands to change as they wished. We are all human; if so many learned to manifest far more success and satisfaction in their lives, you can, too. We want that for you!

Self-Assessment 2
Individual Strengths Needs

Is This You?

You can point to a specific area or several aspects of self that you want to improve but don’t know how.

You feel you are not ready yet for a full-scale makeover or maybe you already have ‘transformed’ yourself to a significant degree.

You simply need help in a specific area to get you where you want to be and you recognize yourself in one or more of the descriptions below.


If you agree with the above statements, you are ready for Extraordinary Self Resource Programs – which each focus on a specific capability. Consider your specific needs by reading Program descriptions below. Decide which resource Program(s) will meet your needs. (If the issues below don’t ring true for you, then move on to Assessment Area 3, below.)

Note: All Extraordinary Self Resource Programs come complete with a Blueprint for Success to get you started, an in-depth e-Course for deep change of old patterns to new, and monthly Success Time with us, Donna and Dr. Diane, to keep you transforming and moving forward.

Is This You?

You recognize that your belief in yourself and your self-worth fluctuates based on how other people respond to you.

You have difficulty holding onto good feelings about yourself because other people or external circumstances make you feel bad about yourself.

You beat yourself up more than you feel love for yourself.

You self-attack rather than give yourself compassion.

Choose Our Power Up Your Self-Confidence and Self-Worth! Program.

Is This You?

You feel stuck. You are not moving ahead in your life in ways you would like to.

You repeat thoughts, feelings and/or actions keep you stuck and actually come between you and your goals.

You get caught up in patterns such as (but not limited to) procrastination, avoidance, withdrawal, anger, jealousy, negative comparisons and stress.

You often feel cornered and/or disillusioned.

You start off with a bang but soon lose motivation.

You often feel overwhelmed and tired.

Register for Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns to understand how your own inner and behavior patterns are influencing your own life. And, learn how to change them! Then, practice with the support of our Program and begin, or speed up, your own transformation work. This course is perfect if you want better results than you’ve been getting in life, work or relationships.

Is This You?

Are you feeling a lot of negative emotions, like anger, fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, despair, jealousy, worthlessness or even excess pride?

Is it difficult for you to let go of these negative feelings?

Are these feelings driving your life story, choices, and behavior?

 Are you reacting negatively to others based on those negative feelings?

Are you treating yourself badly based on those negative feelings?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, our Bounce Back with Emotional Resilience self-development Program, is a great place to start your personal reinvention.

Is This You?

Your thoughts often pull you down and defeat you, rather than empower you.

You notice that you are thinking negative thoughts – a lot. You are hearing words in your mind that sound like:  “I can’t” or “I won’t” or “It isn’t possible” or “They won’t” or “I shouldn’t.”

You would like to learn how you can become motivated and and stay the course without giving up.

You hear self-critical thoughts in your mind and/or think unkindly about yourself.

If so, our Empower Your Self Talk! Program will start you on the right track and help you “stay the course” for more success and inner satisfaction.

Is This You?

Your stress level, your worry, and anxiety are stopping you from reaching for the goals you want in life.

Stress, worry and anxiety slows you down from making decision or just makes you feel bad.

You sometimes feel unable to respond as you would like to people and events in your life.

You can sometimes feel or be hyper-critical of others.

You frequently feel overwhelmed and or tired.

You find yourself snapping at people around you because you don’t have the patience you would like to feel? (Or you really would like to snap at them, even if you don’t.)

You feel caught in a cycle of busy-busy-busy as if you can’t get off the treadmill.

Your feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, and the stressors in your life, hold you back from being your best self.

If so, register for Mastering Stress in 7 Steps. It will raise your awareness of your stress triggers and help you shift out of automatic thoughts and patterns that keep you mired in stress, worry, and anxiety.  

Is This You?

Are you frustrated that one or more Relationships are hurtful and unsatisfying?

Do you wonder if you will ever enjoy the kind of Relationships you desire?

Do you want more love and caring – and less conflict and anger?

Do you feel disrespected?

Have you tried and tried to work on your difficult Relationships – to no avail?

Do you keep thinking, “If only he (or she) would get it, and change, all would be well?”

Do you keep thinking, “I really resent that he or she isn’t doing his or her part to make the Relationship better?”

Do you struggle to keep control – and keep losing it, in anger or with anxiety and frustration, because the other is upsetting you too much?

Do you distance more and more as you get attacked, and you feel hurt, unloved and frustrated?

Are you ready for big CHANGE?

If these indicators resonate with you, start with or register for the Extraordinary Relationships and Win/Win Communication Program. You will learn the Relationship and Communication abilities to change “your part” in any Relationship. These abilities with help you maximally influence your partner, spouse or other in a positive direction.


If you feel a need to address any or several needs you identified above,  our Extraordinary Self Transformational Resource Programs provide you with the opportunity to work on one individual resource area at a time.

In these skill-focused Programs, you will learn to transform thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions relevant to the area you choose to work on.

You will practice and internalize the lessons as you do.

You will learn to set breakthrough goals in your chosen focus area. If you do the work, you may expect results such as more inner satisfaction. With practice, you may expect changes capable of influencing your outer success, too, in those areas you target.

The systematic approach you will experience in each Resource Program has proven to deliver extraordinary, life-changing impact.

Should you feel the need to change one or several areas of your Self, you may register for multiple Resource Programs or choose our comprehensive 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Program.

The 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future change process incorporates important Exercises, Visualizations, Practice opportunities and More, based on the 8 Key Abilities that we discovered led to the continual inner satisfaction and outer success of our Extraordinary individuals. Connecting the 8 Key Abilities and integrating them into one Transformational Program allows you to develop the interlocking skills that lead to big transformations and sustainable change.

Self-Assessment 3
Coaching Needs

Is This You?

Are you a person who likes to talk things out?

Do you have trouble clarifying your goals and desires?

Do you believe feedback from others can help you?

Would you benefit from a relationship with someone who will help you sort through issues?

Would you benefit from professional help to keep you accountable to making the changes you desire, while also providing guidance and support?


If you answered yes to these questions, our optional Coaching sessions or packages are designed to provide you with an accelerated path to self-transformation.

When you sign up for individual coaching, we will meet with you via computer (Zoom) or phone, and help you select the best starting point for you. And we can help you further your desired changes as you work through an Extraordinary Self Transformation Program. If you’re still not sure where to start, a Coaching Session will help you choose your next steps.

During Coaching sessions, we can help reinforce and troubleshoot your changes.

To set up a coaching call, please fill out our Coaching Contact Form. Or register to get started as soon as an opening is available. Once you’ve purchased a Coaching Session through our Catalog, you will be able to schedule your session directly by following the Calendly link you will receive from us.

Congratulations on Completing Your
Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program Self-Assessment!

Still have questions? Not seeing your unique challenge in the Self-Assessment above?
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