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Personalized Coaching Support


Are naturally cautious? Or, do you react quickly without time for long-term strategy? Do you have special concerns you need to discuss? Would it help you to talk through your issues, goals and plans with a supportive person who can help you move forward?

Providing insight, guidance and support, Extraordinary Self coaches will help you plan effectively and stay accountable to your goals:
• Clarify your desires, goals, needs and intention.
• Sharpen awareness.
• Strengthen planning and execution.
• Decide wisely.
• Stay focused and accountable.

Choose the Coaching Package for You

Designed to speed up your reinvention, our Coaching Package(s) will help deepen your experience and ensure you reach the outcomes you need. Our coaches are knowledgeable, professional, certified, non-judgmental, and empathetic.

When you sign up for personal coaching, we will meet with you via computer or phone, and help you select a starting point and support you on your path.

As you work through the ‘Extraordinary Self’ course or courses we select together, we will work with you to further your desired changes. If you haven’t selected a course yet, no problem. Let’s discuss and make a plan that will work for you.

During Coaching sessions, we will reinforce and troubleshoot your changes. To get started, register for your Coaching Session or Package, and we will contact you  shortly to schedule your time slot. Choose from:

Individual Coaching Session or Sessions
Jumpstart Three-Session Coaching Package
Six-Session Coaching Package

Or, please fill out our Coaching Contact Form below if you have questions.

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