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Extraordinary Self® Online Learning

Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs are offered on our own award-winning PeakSkills Learning Systems platform. Since 1992, PeakSkills has been a pioneer in the e-Learning industry, designing, developing and delivering custom e-Learning programs. Today, we offer top-tier content, a highly successful e-Learning delivery system and  outstanding client service — which all translate into extraordinary results.

Early on, PeakSkills Learning Systems had proved its expertise in e-Learning, and by 2003 had earned 10 major Keyspan Energy R&D Initiative Project Awards, a National Library Systems Award, and three awards from LISTNET (Long Island Software & Technology Network) Awards for e-learning projects, training and platform development. PeakSkills also served as e-Learning developers for such clients as GE Harris, San Francisco Airport and Santa Clara Public Health Department, among others. 

Today, Extraordinary Self® Reinvention tools and courses are offered on the PeakSkills Learning System platform and patterned on proven learning strategies from the fields of cognitive neuro-sciences, accelerated learning, educational psychology and neuro-linguistic programing.

Our robust courses facilitate change by helping learners internalize the strategies and changes required for desired, sustainable outcomes.

Why Our Courses Work

Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Courses go deep in providing help. We’ve designed our Courses to sustain motivation. We provide multiple roadmaps and tools to meet individual learning needs.

Our courses (combined with our optional Coaching program) provide comprehensive support to help you reinvent and empower your inner and outer approaches to life, relationships, and/or work. Every Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Course offers:

Multiple interactive components that will help you engage in the change process and stay motivated.
Proprietary learning tools developed to concretize your new skills.
Deep insights to help you understand the reasons behind the changes you are making and how to make them stick.
Instruction with practice exercises to reinforce what you are learning.
Interactive visualizations to help you make permanent change.
A password-protected online journal. Writing is proven to help cement learning by engaging you in another sensory experience. Keep track of your shifting awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as you begin reinventing your mind and using your new skills to transform your life. Look back on your progress and write about your intentions for your Extraordinary Future.
 An online Goals/Action Planning tool to help you plan, track and achieve the goals you set.
 Weekly e-coaching messages to keep you on track.
 Feedback loops to facilitate success.
And Live Office Hours giving you “in-person” access to insights and information with inter-personal interaction.

Ready to roll? Choose a course now.

Your Role in Learning

When it comes to self-reinvention, the reality is that no one else can change you without your help. Only you can do the work of transforming your own inner patterns. Happily, we can guide you and provide the support you need to achieve the changes you target. You will need to take 100% responsibility for your changes by working to move yourself forward. We will help by guiding you and providing critical structure and support.

As you move forward, you will embrace the Extraordinary Self® you want to be – perhaps even more strongly with each course you take. Extraordinary Selves learn that continuous learning is the antidote to failure. As long as you commit to learning the next steps you need, and follow through on them, you will consistently enjoy more success and satisfaction. As we guide you through those steps, you will practice our “no fail” Next Steps Learning Method!

Enjoy the Benefits

Explore our blogs, download our eBooks, take our eCourses, participate in our webinars, and join our online community. Bring your friends to the Extraordinary Self world and—depending on your goals—you’ll learn how to achieve goals such as:

Improve your relationships, even the difficult ones.

Multiply your business success (or start a new business).

Feel good about yourself, day in and day out.

Handle stressful situations with ease.

Bounce back from adversities.

Learn from every experience and keep moving forward.

Live fully in the present and let go of the past.

We’ve dedicated our extensive expertise in psychology and business—and our arsenal of resources—to you because we want to make a difference in this world, and we believe you do, too! Let us know your thoughts.

How to Get Started

COMMIT YOURSELF.  If you’re ready for the more Extraordinary Life, you can dive right in!

Start with Mastering Stress in 7 Steps or Empower Your Self Talk! Or, register for our comprehensive Awaken the Eight Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future e-Course, our shorter Extraordinary Relationships and Win/Win Communication course, or learn more about Resource Course skill builders.

Whichever you choose, you’ll find yourself growing by leaps and bounds once you begin practicing the thinking, skills and strategies you’ll learn. Should you desire individualized support, please consider our Personal Coaching options. We are available to you! Need more information about our courses? Ask us.