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Success Time


7:15 PM – 8:15 PM EST 

Join us live each month for Success Time, available exclusively to registered Transformation Program and Coaching clients
on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month from 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM EST*  Use the link and password information provided in the Welcome e-mail you will receive following your Extraordinary Self Program purchase.
Success Time is conducted on Zoom.us. This supportive environment allows our Transformation Program and Coaching registrants to reinforce your changes, ask questions, share information and/or simply listen and learn. Be sure to go to Zoom.us in advance and download the application, if needed. Then, sign in with the meeting details provided to you.
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*Extraordinary Self reserves the right to alter dates and times, as needed, at the sole discretion of Management. In that event, a notice will be posted on this Website or via text or email messages.

Why Attend?

Deeply committed to your success, we (Donna and Dr. Diane) meet with you in person to support your changes. We cheer you on, help you stay on track, and deliver real-time answers to questions and concerns during Success Time. These interpersonal group sessions are available to registered Transformation Program participants and Coaching Clients. A Zoom meeting link is provided to those registered for Extraordinary Self Programs and Coaching upon course registration.

We deliver real-time answers to questions and concerns in online meetings. Interpersonal Success Time group sessions are available to registered learners and coaching clients only. A Zoom meeting link is provided to registered learners upon course registration.

See us online during the group live Success Time hours, and let us:

Answer your questions
Provide insight to guide you through the change process
Help you figure out where you are stuck and help you get unstuck
Help you stay moving toward your Goals by following your Action Plans
Give you positive support on your Extraordinary journey
Help keep you motivated and focused

On your learning journey, remember to explore our blogs and download our eBooks. To internalize your learning as you take our Transformation Programs, be sure to really practice what you learn. Also sign up for our news, participate in Success Time hours and join our online community.

Bring your friends to the Extraordinary Self world, and together you’ll learn how to:

Improve your relationships, even the difficult ones.
Multiply your business success, or start a new business.
Feel good about yourself day in and day out.
Handle stressful situations with ease.
Bounce back from adversities.
Learn from every experience.
Let go of the past, and live fully in the present.
Consistently reach your goals regarding self, productivity and relationships

See you during Success Time!

Who Are We?

With a Ph.D. in psychology with high honors from New York University, Dr. Diane Kramer was a full professor of psychology for 40 years before retiring from the college setting. During her time as a professor, she trained the faculty to teach students in ways that facilitated their learning. 

Dr. Diane has been a therapist for 40 years, marriage counselor, divorce mediator, programmer, business coach, technology leader and specialist in educational and cognitive psychology with NLP trainer-level background, as well as a specialist in creative problem-solving (author, The Creativity Game).

Dr. Diane is known for her clear and compassionate insights into the changes individuals and couples need to make to move from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Based on spiritual visionary experiences, Diane in 2004 started the journey of creating the Extraordinary Self Program. She and her team used Neuro-Linguistic Modeling Strategies to profile and then duplicate the inner and outer patterns of Extraordinary individuals. These Extraordinary individuals are defined as almost continually maintaining states of inner well-being while reaching breakthrough goal after goal. Launched in 2006, the Extraordinary Self Program helped thousands to transform their lives. Now Dr. Diane and her partner, Donna Anselmo, M.S. have launched the Extraordinary Self Transformational Programs online to bring this in-depth change systems to thousands more.

As a business coach and entrepreneurial development trainer, Dr. Diane originated the Center for Practical Solutions, which helped launch 87 small businesses on Long Island during a recession with over a million dollar grant from the Federal Department of Labor. She has helped companies from Fortune 500 like GE and Ford to small entrepreneurial start-ups reach their mission-critical goals.

Dr. Diane also won 10 Long Island Lighting Company R&D awards to develop e-learning programs to train engineers and technicians on electric company technical equipment. In addition, she provided Executive Coaching and Organizational Development services to numerous large companies, such as Metropolitan Insurance and Symbol Technology. And she gave workshops and talks to at least 50 organizations, including Brookhaven National Laboratories, Cold Spring National Laboratories, American Sociey for Training and Development, and the Long Island Software and Technology Network,

Dr. Diane won the prestigious Annual Achievers Award of the Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women, the largest women’s business networking group, which boasted approximately 550 members Long Island Business and Professional Women Achievers Award for her Extraordinary Self Program as well as the LISA (Long Island Software Association) Award for her Peakskills e-Learning Platform.

For a number of years, Dr. Diane co-hosted Psychology and You, a radio program that brought important psychology subjects to the NY Metropolitan area.  

Donna Anselmo began her career as a certified hypnotherapist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and special interest in influence communication. She later earned a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Policy & Management, and co-earned a national award from the American Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrical and Neonatal Nurses for a pioneering e-learning project completed in collaboration with the Suffolk County Department of Health on Long Island. And, her two collaborative research projects and resulting papers were selected for publication in MCN, a national peer reviewed journal in the field of maternal child nursing.

Author of the bestseller Marketing Demystified, Donna had earlier honed skills as an award-winning print journalist, managing news editor, public affairs expert, and host of Bold Talk Business Radio, an educational AM radio talk show which was broadcast on multiple AM/FM stations for 10 years, and focused on business education. The program also live streamed on the Internet. Donna also hosted a monthly radio hour, Space Talk Tuesday, on which she interviewed numerous participants and administrators of the United States Space Programs; in addition to other live radio and TV appearances in New York and Florida.

A business, marketing and communications consultant known for her calm and insightful demeanor, Donna’s expertise has helped leaders of Fortune 500 companies as well as small business enterprises in the banking, education, healthcare, technology, staffing, education, manufacturing, retail, fundraising and not-for-profit sectors to reach mission-critical goals.

In addition to numerous journalism and industry awards, Donna earned the prestigious Annual Achievers Award of the Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women, the largest women’s business networking group, which boasted approximately 550 members. Learn more about Donna’s accomplishments.

As founder of Bold Marketing Solutions, Inc., and a certified professional development coach, Donna later co-founded Extraordinary Self® online in partnership with Dr. Diane Kramer.

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