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Leadership Team


Co-Founder, Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs CEO, PeakSkills Learning Systems, Inc.

DR. DIANE KRAMER, clinical and research psychologist and professor emeritus, founded the Institute for Extraordinary Development and award-winning original Extraordinary Self Program. CEO of PeakSkills Learning Systems, an e-Learning Web application company, Dr. Diane also is an award-winning technologist and book author.

Dr. Diane, co-president with Donna Anselmo in the Extraordinary Self Programs, Inc., founded and serves as chief architect of the Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs and the PeakSkills e-Learning Platform. The e-Course component of each Transformation Program is delivered on the PeakSkills proprietary e-Learning Platform,   

Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs foster deep change by leading participants to transform the deeper mind/brain patterns that cause us problems and keep us from extraordinary relationships, creativity, finding our purpose, business success and making a big evolutionary impact on everyone we come in contact with.

Diane has been using her gifts of insight into human dynamics and systems, warmth and compassion, ability to make people feel very safe, and communication power to bring about change for more than forty years. She believes we all are capable of Extraordinary Success and ongoing Inner Satisfaction – and has used her psychological knowledge and expertise in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help thousands bring about positive change over her career as professor, therapist, marriage counselor, divorce mediator, coach, and change agent.

Diane’s spiritual insights led her to develop the PeakSkills e-learning platform and the original Extraordinary Self Program to help large numbers of people transform to live extraordinary lives of compassion, kindness, caring, love, energy, creativity and productivity. She has had profound experiences of a possible transformed future human kind.

Her Major Accomplishments:

Procured a one-million-dollar grant from the Federal Department of Labor to form the Center for Practical Solutions, the training ground for the start of 83 entrepreneurial businesses during the 1990 – 1992 recession on Long Island, New York.

Developed a popular e-Learning system for the rapid and sophisticated development and delivery of self-paced eLearning courses.

Wrote The Creativity Game, a book on creative-problem-solving with fellow author Dr. Cindy Bayern

Received numerous awards such as the prestigious LISA award for best new software program of the year for her eLearning platform, and the Long Island Center Achievers Award for her Evolve to Your Extraordinary Self Program.

Received the prestigious Founders Day Award upon getting her doctorate from NYU in 1972 for her research-based dissertation in Cognitive Psychology.

Earned post-doctoral certificates in Family Systems, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Organizational Psychology.

Developed a Teacher Training Program at Nassau Community College to train the faculty. NCC is now considered one of the best teaching community colleges in the country.

Instituted a self-development program for her students at Nassau Community College where they raise their grade point average,  improve their relationships, learn to deal with bad feelings from rejection, criticism, and failure, and plan their future.

Developed the popular Long Island Center for Marriage Counseling where Diane applies her Extraordinary Self tools and techniques to helping couples transform their relationships. Based on her vision in 1981, Diane believes that the tipping point to the next evolutionary level will be reached in her lifetime and she works tirelessly to help to bring her vision of a more evolved society into reality.

 Served on Boards of American Society of Training and Development, Natonal Association of Mother’s Centers and the Tsegylgar Buddhist Center in North America.

Procured 10 Long Island Lighting Company R&D awards to develop e-learning programs to train engineers and technicians on lighting company technical equipment.

• Co-hosted the popular Psychology and You radio show for six years, bringing important psychological ideas and help to the NY Metropolitan Area.

Served as Executive Coach and Organizational Development specialist to numerous large companies, such as Metropolitan Insurance and Symbol Technology. 

Diane is now based in Lexington, South Carolina, where she serves as C0-President of Extraordinary Self Programs, Inc., as well as President of the LI Center for Divorce Mediation, and maintains a highly sought after marriage counseling practice.

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Co-Founder, Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs CEO, Bold Marketing Solutions, Inc.

DONNA ANSELMO encourages business leaders and individuals to take a bold approach to building an extraordinary personal life and career. Boldness, she says, is a state of mind, a commitment to action and a path toward achieving the life you want – with confidence and high self-worth. Boldness can be cultivated by learning how to embrace “liberating beliefs” and other skills that will help you reach your goals, repeatedly, she adds.

Having begun her communications career as director of the New York Hypnosis Center in the mid-1970s, Donna later transitioned into strategic integrated marketing and training – after observing the close link between success and internal preparedness. That insight led her to learn, teach, and coach the core skills of emotional intelligence, executive thinking, strategic decision-making, creative problem solving, and win-win communicating. Donna is committed to teaching individuals and companies how to strengthen those skills and unlock their hidden potential.

Her Major Accomplishments

Authored Marketing Demystified, a 380-page book published in 2010 by McGraw-Hill Professional.

Appointed communications lead on transition team facilitating $11.8 Billion merger between Olsten Staffing Services and Adecco, which created the world’s largest staffing services organization.

Appointed Vice President of Elite Technical Services, Inc., a national provider of technical staff augmentation, responsible for branding, PR, and internal communications, sales team mentoring, and positively impacting revenue, before transitioning to a consulting role with the company (which she has served for 20+ years).

Earned Master of Science degree in Health Care Policy & Management; also established a 30+ year career in integrated marketing and communications.

Co-earned the National Innovative Project Award from the American Association of Women’s Health Obstetrical and Neonatal Nurses for a pioneering e-learning project in the healthcare industry.

Co-authored two research articles selected for publication in MCN, The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, a prestigious peer-reviewed periodical.

Launched her first company, Comvergence Marketing Group in May 2001. Later, following a move from New York to Florida, she founded Bold Marketing Solutions, Inc., in 2008.

Assisted multi-billion-dollar global corporations, national enterprises and small business leaders alike – in industry sectors ranging from banking and finance to education, healthcare, technology, staffing, fundraising, not-for-profit, retail, and manufacturing, among others – to achieve business goals, enhance communications, strengthen teamwork and increase profitability through strategic marketing and executive coaching.

Appointed Chair Coordinator of the National Safe Kids Campaign, Suffolk County, NY, coalition, and helped the organization transition from annual operating budget of under $500 to acquiring grants and donations in excess of $400,000.

Co-developed entrepreneurship and train-the-trainer courses offered in the continuing education departments of Adelphi University and Hofstra University in Long Island, NY; and community health education programs under the auspices of Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook, NY; as well as facilitated community advisory board trainings under the auspices of the Suffolk County Department of Health.

Earned certification as Extraordinary Self® Coach/Facilitator.

Launched Bold Talk Business Radio in 2008, a weekly educational talk show that aired for 10 years on AM1300 WMEL, AM 1060, AM 1510 and simulcast on FM 100.3, FM 99.9 and FM 99.7 across Central Florida.

Authored hundreds of feature and news articles as well as  investigative reports in a variety of print media. Her work has been published in The New York Times and other media.

Elected Executive Vice President of the 550-member Long Island Center for Business and Professional Woman, and also served on the Board of Directors of multiple not-f0r-profits, including but not limited to, the National Association of Mothers Centers, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Long Island) and the American Red Cross (Mid-Florida chapter).

Earned multiple awards for endeavors in journalism, communication, community service and business leadership. As a broadcast journalist Donna had interviewed hundreds of business, government and community leaders on everything from banking and finance to education, the space program, entrepreneurship, branding, fundraising, healthcare, human resources, human potential, publishing, marketing, performance management, politics, publishing, psychology, sales, staffing, writing, and more.

Interviewed on topics relating to the economy, leadership, change management, business, legislation, injury prevention, networking and policy, among other subjects. In addition to various newspapers and magazines and WMEL Radio, she also has appeared on CBS Radio, Jobline / News 12 Long Island,  Your Career / WEF-TV, the NASA station, and other broadcast media. 

Co-founded the Extraordinary Self® online e-learning portal and self-development e-Courses with a mission to deliver Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs to a larger base of individuals, groups and companies than could be delivered through individual and small group settings alone.

Our Coaching Team

With a goal to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be, our award-winning team also includes a select group of coach facilitators. These professionals are located coast to coast and certified in delivering Extraordinary Self® Transformational Coaching.

We all look forward to sharing helpful insights, strategies, techniques, tips, and tools for high-level success and satisfaction. Learn more about our Coaching Services today. Please contact us. We would love to hear from you.