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Six-Session Extraordinary Self Coaching Package


Buy 5 Sessions, Get 6th Session Free

Are naturally cautious? If so, does it hold you back from decision-making or goal getting?
Or … do you react quickly without considering long-term strategy?

Do you have special concerns that need answers? Want to talk through issues, goals and plans so you can move forward with more confidence?

This Three-Session Jump Start Package provides support and insight as you start your personal or professional reinvention journey. Sessions are conducted monthly and your coach will provide helpful resources during each hour-long session. Each session will focus on specific monthly goals that we will set together for your success. Want more guidance and accountability? Book two packages.

Providing insight, guidance and support, our coaching team will help you plan effectively and stay accountable to your goals.

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Ongoing Success Coaching
Buy 5 Sessions, Get 1 Free

To speed up your personal or professional reinvention, our Six-Month Success Coaching option will deepen your learning experience and ensure you reach the outcomes you need. Tailored to your special needs, this  offers personalized insight, guidance and support.  Meet with us once per month for six months by phone or Internet (your choice) to explore your needs, opportunities, concerns, options, plans and progress.

Our Six-Session Success Coaching Program includes six One-Hour Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Coaching Sessions that will help you:

• Increase clarity and explore resources for ongoing success
• Strengthen planning and execution
• Set goals and move forward in logical action steps
• Inform your decision-making
• Stay motivated and moving forward

Certified Extraordinary Self® coaches are experienced, knowledgeable, professionally trained, non-judgmental, and solution-oriented. After you sign up for personal or professional reinvention coaching, we will meet with you via computer or phone (at your convenience), and help you select a starting point. As we get to know you and your needs, we will support you on your path.

This coaching package will be a useful resource as you work through an ‘Extraordinary Self’ course or courses. If you choose coaching before selecting a course, we will help you select the course or courses that best match your intentions—based on what is most appropriate for you now. We also will work with you to further your desired changes. During Coaching sessions, we will help you reinforce and troubleshoot your changes.

To get started, place this coaching package in your shopping cart and purchase. After you receive your package confirmation, please choose your time slot on our Calendar or call us to schedule a time. Also, feel free to fill out our Coaching Contact Form if you have questions or wish to supply additional information.

Remember—a coaching package also makes a great gift for a friend, student, family member or business colleague who is targeting change; interested in learning, growing, or enhancing his/her life or career, or simply wants to experience more enjoyment in life.


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