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Extraordinary Self® Lifetime Master Pass


More Joy! Self-Love! Mindful Awareness! Success! Inner Satisfaction! Inner Strength! Less Doubt! Less Inner Conflict! Less Negativity!

Transform to Extraordinary!

Immerse yourself in personal growth! Our Master Pass offers you comprehensive Self-Transformation – for deep change! It comes with unlimited access to the entire Extraordinary Self® learning suite with multiple Transformation Packages for your unique needs. (Read description at bottom of page to see all the benefits you will enjoy!)

Start with our Comprehensive 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Transformation Program to develop the abilities, mindset, thought patterns, resiliency and behaviors that peak performers use to reach breakthrough goals with learned confidence – over and over again, while feeling good about themselves.

And, if you want to dig deeper into specific parts of self that trouble you, enroll in our shorter Transformation Programs that each focus on the specific skill set and abilities needed to strengthen you in that area.

All Transformation Programs are available to you with this Master Pass – and now offered with lifetime membership for a limited time. As new courses come onboard, you will be granted access to those as well. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Choose from these shorter Transformation Program focus areas with e-Courses focused on helping with a specific type of challenge and troubling part of you.

You’ll clarify your intentions, set your own goal(s), and develop the inner resources, mindset, and behaviors needed for lasting positive change in your life, relationships and/or career.
• Extraordinary Relationships and Win-Win Communication
• Master Stress in 7 Steps
• Empower Your Self-Talk
• Power Up with Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
• Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns
• Bounce Back with Emotional Resilience

Not sure which Program is right for you now? Need to set priorities? Take our complimentary Self-Assessment. And, please check back! We will be opening registration for our new Mindfulness course soon.

All Self-development opportunities for your personal and/or professional growth are available 24/7/365.

Each of our Three-Part Transformation Programs (currently 7) include: (1) a starter Blueprint for Change that will help you assess your needs and chart your course forward; (2) a powerful in-depth, interactive, self-paced e-Course focused on particular abilities and skill sets matched to your goals. These e-Courses help to change mental, emotional and behavioral patterns so that you reach your specific goals while feeling good about you; and (3) Group Success Time sessions with Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S., for progress review, setting Next Steps, reinforcement, support and troubleshooting.

Take all Extraordinary Self® Transformational Programs or whichever you choose, whenever you choose. All Program e-Courses are available 24/7/365.

All Programs feature learning-rich content, immersive, interactive and integrated learning strategies, multiple guided visualizations, and many tools for ongoing change (based on NLP methodology and psychological research) and Live Success Time with us (Dr. Diane and Donna) for motivational support, goal-setting, action-planning and troubleshooting obstacles.

You’ll also get all of our weekly coaching e-Mails relevant to the e-Courses you take as part of each program, as well as optional webinars and workshops (as available) – Plus three Personal Coaching sessions, access to Success Circles, and more.

Anticipated Results – Make use of this extraordinary opportunity and develop exceptional Self Mastery with more inner satisfaction and success in multiple facets of your life. Enjoy more good feelings, self-value, and learned confidence. Create and follow success plans you develop for all spheres of your life. Enjoy more fulfilling relationships, while moving forward one step at a time and rewarding yourself (in simple or big ways) as you go.

Our Master Pass offers the ultimate transformation experience for people desiring ongoing growth, conscious evolution, and sustainable positive change—and all the benefits that go with it.

With The Extraordinary Self® Transformation Master Pass, you will enjoy letting the magic of the entire extraordinary experience work for you.

For a limited time, we are offering Lifetime Access to a broad range of Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs with your Master Pass:
All 3-Part Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs.
• Three Private Coaching Sessions with Dr. Diane Kramer and/or Donna Anselmo, M.S.
All Extraordinary Self Online Retreats into the future.
• Access to Success Circles; and more.

Enjoy the many benefits of immersing yourself in this extensive, experiential Transformation Program. See details below.


Transform to Your Extraordinary Self with the Ultimate
Extraordinary Self® Master Pass Experience

This Transformational Package offers the ultimate experience for people desiring ongoing growth, conscious evolution, sustainable positive change – and all the benefits that go with it.

Extraordinary Self® Master Pass Experience entitles you to access all Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs!

Rooted in engaging experiential learning, our 3-Part Transformation Programs deepen understanding of what influences and forms the “you” of you. Our Transformational  Programs first address your inner core – mindset, thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs – helping you shift from negative thoughts and emotions to positive.

Our tools also help you learn to detach from negativity and shift inside from self-defeating limiting beliefs to empowering liberating beliefs.

Then, our no-fail, goal-oriented learning methods help transform behavior for sustainable results inside and out.

Each Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program is rooted in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and accelerated learning strategies.

Extraordinary Self 3-Part Transformation Programs currently include the following e-Courses available 24/7/365 on our proprietary e-learning platform. (More courses to come):


• Part 1: Extraordinary Self® Blueprint for Change to help you assess your needs and chart your course.
• Part 2: An in-depth Extraordinary Self® e-Course with the features and benefits listed below:
• Practice exercises that will help you shift stress reactions mentally and behaviorally to promote more calmness. Exercises are designed to align your mindset with new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, as they lower stress and build resilience. You will build and strengthen new helpful patterns and build inner resources for more control.
 Insights to deepen your awareness and control of stress triggers and reactions.
 Proprietary learning tools that will help reinforce the new stress-lowering, empowering thoughts you will use to transform your stress landscape
 Focused visualizations that help you change at a deep inner level and foster creation and incorporation of new, positive automatic thoughts and reactions over time
 A private online journal in which you may write about your new awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as they relate to your goals and life. Using an online journal will help you track your progress, reflect on the positive changes you are making and reinforce the changes you are experiencing.
 Access to our proprietary online Action Planning Tool to help you achieve the goals you set.
 Built in Learning Checks and Feedback loops to help assess your progress and stay on track.
 Part 3: Access to group Success Time hours, exclusive to registered Transformation Program and Coaching clients. Success Time provides an opportunity to review your Blueprint for Change, in a supportive environment. We provide troubleshooting as needed to reinforce your changes. Ask your questions, share information and/or simply listen and learn.
• 10 weeks of e-mail Coaching support (specific to each e-Course you take with your Master Pass), delivered to your inbox to help you stay on track.
Access to complimentary educational webinars and Extraordinary Self community online chats, weekly public Transformation Time hour, and more.


Lifetime Master Pass Access comes with three Coaching Session by telephone or Zoom. Coaching Sessions help you clarify your goal(s), choose strategies, establish criteria, and plan for accountability. This will help you push forward on your own breakthrough goals for next-level growth.

Developed by a team of psychologists, social workers and business leaders, our coaching program has been hailed as transformational. Our certified, award-winning coaches will deliver insights and strategic advisement to support your growth mindset and help you advance on your road to higher-level success and satisfaction.

Our award-winning team also includes a select group of certified Extraordinary Self® Coach Facilitators, located in various locations across the United States and certified in delivering Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Coaching. Our goal is to help you move strategically from where you are now to where you want to be.

(Available starting Fall 2024)

Access Extraordinary Self® live and pre-recorded seminars, training presentations and e-publications.

Enjoy growth opportunities that help sustain enthusiasm and motivation for your personal development journey through our series of Online Retreats.

Participate in our entire series of of Live Online, pre-recorded and digital inspirational and instructional media, seminars, presentations and e-publications that offer insights to the extraordinary world of personal transformation. Sign up for News to stay abreast of program schedules.

For a limited time, we are offering you lifetime access to Online Retreats with our Master Pass. This special Online Retreats program is designed to enlighten, inspire, and engage you in ongoing personal transformation for more joy, self-love, mindful awareness, as well as ongoing personal, career and relationship success. These offerings are sure to fill you with thoughts, insights and positive feelings leading you to experience your own Extraordinary Future.

The helpful resources shared during Online Retreat time will help you stay clear and focused. These Resources also will help you align your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and actions with your goals.


After signing up for your Transformation Program(s), start or join an Extraordinary Self Success Circle. Feel free to invite friends, family and business associates to join you in your Success Circle – once they also have signed up for a Transformation Program.

Together, you’ll learn to:
• Consistently reach your goals, regarding self, business, productivity and relationships.
• Improve your relationships, even the difficult ones.
• Handle stressful situations with ease.
• Feel good about yourself, day in and day out.
• Bounce back from adversities and negative emotions.
• Learn from every experience.
• Multiply your business success, or start a new business.
• Let go of the past and live fully in the present.


Based on psychological research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), all Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs help build powerful mindsets with far less negativity and unhappiness and more inner satisfaction and outer success.

The NLP approach starts with the idea that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can change due to the neuro-plasticity of our brains.

With that idea in mind, NLP experts began studying and later modeling the thought patterns, feeling states, and behaviors of successful people in a variety of disciplines.

Then, using advanced change strategies, incorporated with visualization and practice sessions,  NLP experts teach others to develop these same strategies – and helped build high self-confidence and self-worth in participants

In all Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs, participants learn how to change thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They increase and sustain motivation. And they stop giving up on goals and begin reaching them consistently. In addition, our graduates report far more positive feelings, increased happiness and even enhanced joy in life. They come more alive!

Each of our Programs help develop more self-awareness, mindfulness and inner calm and resilience. They enable you to shift from unhelpful limiting beliefs to the empowering liberating beliefs needed for more self-confidence, as well as good feelings and goal achievement.

Ready for an energizing, engaging, fun and results-drive transformation experience?

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