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Awaken 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future: Immersive, Experiential Self-Study Program with Live Group Support


Are you living on the sidelines watching other people succeed – while you’re stuck in a holding pattern? Do you have trouble believing you deserve your desires? Do you sometimes struggle with confusion, overwhelm, stress, jealousy, and/or anxiety? If so, this comprehensive Transformation Program is for you – especially if you want a more fulfilling life, relationship, and/or career – and you want to strengthen your self-love, self-trust and self-concept.

Power up your change muscle for more joyful living, love, energy, creativity, confidence, productivity, and success! With this Transformation Program, you will develop, internalize and strengthen the 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future! And you will become more resilient as you work toward and reach the goals you set.

These 8 Key Abilities were identified by our team of psychologists and NLP (explained below) Trainers, based on studying and modeling individuals who continually reach their goals- while continuously feeling high inner self-regard and self-compassion.

This Transformational Program includes (1) a starter Blueprint for Change; (2) a powerful in-depth, interactive, self-paced e-Course to change mental, emotional and behavioral patterns so that you reach your goals while feeling good about you; and (3)  Success Time, monthly group coaching sessions, with Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S., for progress review, setting Next Steps, reinforcement, support, and troubleshooting help.

Want to change, get unstuck, build stronger relationships, enjoy more success, and feel better about you? Choose this comprehensive Transformation Program! Our Program’s integrated-concepts e-Course is like 8 courses in one. As you travel the 8 Key Abilities path to change that sticks, you will strengthen these abilities in lockstep – using their blended powers to enjoy the continual inner satisfaction and outer success of self-actualizing individuals.

Together, the three parts of this Transformation Program together lead you to change mental, emotional and behavioral patterns so that you reach your goals while feeling good about you – continuously. You will learn to go for your goals step-by-step by quickly overcoming self-defeating patterns and transforming your Inner Judge into an Inner Coach – while you become more self-valuing and self-caring.

The e-Course component of this particular change program, like facets of a diamond, sheds light on different aspects of your Inner Self and offers practical exercises, visualizations and tools to influence many facets of your life. Each of 17 lessons presented on 267 screens teaches and reinforces a distinct skill set and abilities to enhance your personal growth. Target the breakthrough outcomes you desire – in relationships, career, health, finances, and/or other areas- and truly learn how to change inside for sustainable success – inside and out.

Following your purchase, you will receive an email Welcome notification with instructions to access your Blueprint for Change, e-Course at the Extraordinary Self® Learning Portal, and Success Time to help reinforce the abilities and skills you are building. Once you register, we also will follow up with weekly coaching emails relevant to your e-Course content.

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The Extraordinary Self®
8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future
Transformation Program 

This step-by-step Transformation Program — first developed in 2006 by Dr. Diane Kramer and a team of Psychologists, Social Workers, and NLP Trainers — is based on proven principles of psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (see below).

Highly comprehensive with 17 lessons and 267 engaging slides with 17 visualizations and lively graphics, this Transformation Program is actually eight self-development courses in one. Each lesson in the series, like facets of a diamond, sheds light on a different aspect of your Inner Self. Each lesson helps develop a distinct set of abilities and skills to enhance your personal power, increase your self-worth and self-confidence, and ensure that you reach your success goals — even big ones.

These 8 Key Abilities are used by Extraordinary individuals to maintain ongoing inner satisfaction and good feelings – no matter what – as they work to achieve success after success!

The e-Course part of this Program offers deep insights to the underpinnings of thoughts, feelings and beliefs and emotions. It also provides a strong foundation for change – with step-by-step lessons on how to make your changes stick.

Moving through the e-Course, you will practice shifting from limiting to liberating beliefs and transforming negative thoughts to positive. You will learn to empower yourself!

As a result, you will manage your mind and behaviors in healthy new, positive, and impactful ways. And you will be prepared to influence yourself and others in positive directions.


The structure of this e-Course will guide you to succeed. Practicing what you learn will help you:
Detach from negativity.
Enhance your self-worth.
Approach your life with a sense of purpose.
Transform your inner voice into a strong inner resource as you let go of inner obstacles.
Set and reach “breakthrough goals.”
Take charge of your emotions and choices for more control and better outcomes.
Develop planning skills for more success in all areas of your life.
Strengthen decision-making and communication skills.
Build Win/Win relationships.

If you are willing to put in the time and dedication to create significant change, this course is for you. The core learning experience in our self-development series, this course will move you toward significant goals in your life. At the same time, it will cause you to feel good about you.

You will replace self-criticism, self-doubt, and worry with self-kindness, self-confidence, and belief in your abilities. And, you will experience more success and satisfaction.


• Part 1: Extraordinary Self® Blueprint for Change
Part 2: Our most comprehensive Extraordinary Self® in depth, interactive, self-paced e-Course, available 24/7/365 with the features and benefits listed below:
Exercises that foster clarity and help you align your mindset with new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, so you lower stress and build resilience.
Exercises that lead you to transform your critical Inner Judge while changing self-defeating patterns to the positive and effective, opening the door for accelerated satisfacation and success.
 Insights to deepen mindful awareness of the underpinnings that hold old automatic patterns in place – and provide you with feedback for change.
Practice opportunities that enable you to shift away from the mental and behavioral triggers leading to reactive behavior. Practice also will help strengthen new helpful patterns you will develop as you build inner resources for more control.
• Proprietary learning tools that reinforce mental calm needed to detach from negative thoughts and feelings, while freeing your mind to focus on learning-centered transformation.
• Focused visualizations that promote change at a deep inner level and foster creation and incorporation of new, positive automatic thoughts and reactions over time
 A private online journal in which you may write about your new awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as they relate to your goals and life. Using an online journal will help you track your progress, reflect on the positive changes you are making and reinforce the changes you are experiencing.
• Access to our proprietary online Action Planning Tool to help you achieve the goals you set.
 Built in Learning Checks and Feedback loops to help assess your progress and stay on track.
Part 3: Success Time, monthly group coaching hours, exclusive to registered Transformation Program and Coaching clients. Success Time provides an opportunity to review your Blueprint for Change, assess your progress, plan and execute your changes – all in a supportive environment. We provide troubleshooting as needed to reinforce your changes. Ask your questions, share information and/or simply listen and learn.
• 10 weeks of coaching support via email, delivered to your inbox to help you stay on track.
Download link to our Become Your Own Superhero with Liberating Beliefs for an Extraordinary Life e-Book.
 Access to educational webinars and the Extraordinary Self community online chats.


Based on psychological research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), all our Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs, including our interactive, in-depth, self-paced e-Courses, help build powerful mindsets with far less negativity and unhappiness and more inner satisfaction and outer success.

The NLP approach was  developed in the early 1980s. NLP starts with the idea that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can change due to the neuro-plasticity of our brains. With that idea in mind, NLP experts model the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of successful people in any given area, including highly effective Self-Talk. Then, through change strategies, visualizations and practice, NLP experts teach others to develop these same strategies.

In each of our Transformation Programs, participants learn how to change thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They increase and sustain motivation. As a result, they stop giving up on goals and start reaching them consistently. In addition, our graduates report far more positive feelings, increased happiness and even enhanced joy in life. They come more alive.

Each of our Programs help you develop more self-awareness, mindfulness and inner calm and resilience. They enable you to shift from unhelpful limiting beliefs to the empowering liberating beliefs needed for more self-confidence and good feelings, and to reach your goals in whatever area you choose.

Purchase this course to increase your personal and/or professional success and satisfaction; develop a resilient approach to life; reach goals that will make a difference for you; and feel positive self-regard, regardless of external feedback.