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Awaken 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future


Learn and internalize the 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future. Each lesson in this comprehensive program, like facets of a diamond, sheds light on a different aspect of your Inner Self and offers practical exercises to influence all facets of your life. Each course segment teaches a distinct set of skills to enhance your personal growth as you target breakthrough outcomes. Learn more below and Choose Extraordinary!

This core integrated-concepts course is like 8 courses in one. The secret to your success with this course is learning to integrate all 8 Key Abilities and use them together to develop continual inner satisfaction and outer success – like self-actualizing individuals.

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Our Awaken 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future course is actually eight courses in one. Each Lesson in this series, like facets of a diamond, sheds light on a different aspect of your Inner Self. Each teaches a distinct set of skills to enhance your personal power, increase your self-worth and self-confidence, and reach your success goals.    

This course also offers deep insights to help you understand the reasons for the changes you are making and how to make them stick. Moving through the course, you will practice developing beliefs and skills that empower change. You will learn how to manage your mind in a whole new way to guide you to success. And you will be prepared to influence yourself and others in positive directions.

Enjoy Extraordinary Outcomes—This course is designed to help you:

Enhance self-worth.
Approach your life with a sense of purpose.
Set and reach Breakthrough Goals.
Develop planning skills for more success in all areas of your life.
Transform your inner voice into a strong inner resource as you let go of inner obstacles.
Take charge of your emotions and choices for more control and better outcomes.
Strengthen decision-making and communication skills.
Build win-win relationships.

This course is for you, if you are willing to put in the time and dedication to create significant change. Our comprehensive Extraordinary Self® Awaken 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future course— the core learning experience in our course series — will move you toward significant goals in your life, while causing you to feel good about you almost all the time.

You will replace self-criticism, self-doubt, and worry with self-kindness, self-confidence, and belief in your abilities. You will experience more success and satisfaction.


 Exercises to help you identify the changes you desire.
 Insights to deepen mindful awareness of the underpinnings that hold old automatic patterns in place – and provide you with feedback for change.
• Exercises that enable you to practice shifting the mental and behavioral triggers leading to reactive behavior. These exercises foster clarity and help align your mindset with new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that lower stress and build resilience. They also help strengthen those new helpful patterns you will develop and build your own inner resources for more control.
• Proprietary learning tools that reinforce mental calm needed to detach from negative thoughts and feelings, while freeing your mind to focus on learning-centered transformation.
• Focused visualizations that promote change at a deep inner level and foster creation and incorporation of new, positive automatic thoughts and reactions over time
 A private online journal in which you may write about your new awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as they relate to your goals and life. Using an online journal will help you track your progress, reflect on the positive changes you are making and reinforce the changes you are experiencing.
• Access to our proprietary online Action Planning Tool to help you achieve the goals you set.
 Built in Learning Checks and Feedback loops to help assess your progress and stay on track.
 10 weeks of coaching support, via email, delivered to your inbox to help you stay on track.
Weekly access to Live Office Hours, exclusive to Registered Learners Only and including real-time discussions, insights and answers to Learners’ questions and concerns.
 Access to educational webinars and the Extraordinary Self community online chats, weekly Public Office Hours, and more.

Choose this course if you wish to increase personal or professional success satisfaction, develop a resilient approach to life, reach goals that will make a difference for you, and feel high self-regard, regardless of external feedback.