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Become Your Extraordinary Self®

Enjoy the Extraordinary Future You Deserve!

Come Alive with More Joy! More Authenticity! More Juice! More Creativity! More Productivity! More Love!

Extraordinary Self Personal Development and Reinvention Programs will help you recover from living too long with the critical inner judge, negative inner voices, self-attacks, and outer critics. Say good-bye to abusive relationships, vicious cycles, breakups, disappointments, and frustration.

Every day, the award-winning Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs empower thousands of women (and men) to create more extraordinary lives, careers and relationships. Working with us, Althea recovered from the loss of her husband and launched a successful business. Lorraine ramped up her multi-level venture for greater success. Grace got over her sales fright and hit the ground running. Pam rose from manager to VP of a major corporation – breaking through her own glass ceiling. And Leslie, a lawyer, started winning more cases, which strengthened her business.  Check out more testimonials.

Want similar changes? Tired of feeling stuck in business stress, fear, disappointment or exhaustion? Our Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: Reinvention Program offers entrepreneur-focused, non-judgmental, and empathetic help to break through inner obstacles, achieve success goals, and enjoy more inner satisfaction in the process – and beyond. Learn about Program modules. Then, register for our private or group coaching programs and/or our convenient self-study option. We also offer a free discovery call to discuss your goals. Schedule today.

If you are healing from a breakup or divorce, our new Breakup and Divorce Recovery: Personal Reinvention Program will lead you step-by-step to heal your pain, reinvent your life and confidently move forward. Learn more about this powerful program, with Group, Private or Self-Study options. Schedule a free discovery call with us to discuss your goals and needs.

Thousands already have transformed their minds, lives, relationships, careers, behavior and outcomes with proven Extraordinary Self® Program courses, coaching, and resources. Why not you? 

Live your mission and purpose! Bring your own personal, relationship and/or professional goals – and we will engage you on a truly extraordinary path to meaningful change, success, and satisfaction.

We, Donna and Dr. Diane, your coaches, look forward to motivating, supporting you and leading you through inner and outer changes that will help you feel great while reaching goal after goal.

Personal Development Reinvention Programs

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Energize for Entrepreneurial Success!

Are you living on the sidelines watching others succeed? Stuck in a holding pattern? Do you struggle with business stress, poor productivity, not enough clients, and overwhelm? We will help you achieve higher income, more productivity and peace of mind through our reinvention process of an integrated set of skills and abilities inside and out. Ready to immerse yourself in our comprehensive and transformational Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: Reinvention Program? Enjoy breakthroughs while feeling more self-value, confidence, and resilience. Choose Private, Group or Self-Study options. All Programs include multiple resources and year-long support.

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Rise from the Ashes! Breakup and Divorce Recovery

Are you struggling through or anticipating a breakup? Do you feel as if your life is disintegrating, leaving you uncertain about and/or frightened of the unknown? If you are feeling pain, overwhelm or hopelessness, we will help you stabilize and reinvent yourself for a satisfying future. With confidence, peace of mind clarity and renewed energy, you will reach your life, relationship, and/or career goals. Learn about our Breakup and Divorce Recovery: A Personal Reinvention Program. Choose from private and group coaching formats, or a convenient self-study option. All Programs include multiple resources and year-long support.

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Empower Yourself for Satisfaction and Success

Are you looking to build confidence or emotional strength? Do you need to break with thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck in the same-old, same old? Choose from our flagship Awaken 8 Key Abilities Program for Your Future Success, or six issue-focused Programs in our “Resource” series; each Program focuses on a specific aspect of your Inner Self and teaches a distinct set of abilities to enhance your personal power in that area. Strengthen your own “Inner Resources” and fast-track the inner and outer changes you want in your life! Not sure which program is best for you? Take our Free Self-Assessment or Schedule a Free discovery call.

Three Parts of Each Transformational Program

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Create Your Personal Blueprint for Change

Part 1. Begin your Extraordinary Self Transformation with the Extraordinary Self Blueprint for Change. Clarify your intentions in your chosen area. Explore what holds you back, and start to define what changes will get you where you want to go. Then, use your personal Blueprint for Change as a reference tool while you make your changes. Your custom blueprint, along with other Program resources, will help you stay on track.

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Start Your Changes with Self-Study or Live Coaching

Part 2. Start your changes! Get unstuck as you change inside. Liberate yourself from what holds you back. Lessen negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and self-defeating behavior. Actualize your intentions as you progress through either our: (1) Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: Reinvention Program; (2) Breakup and Divorce Recovery: A Personal Reinvention Program; (3) comprehensive 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Program; or (4) a targeted Program focused on your specific challenge(s).

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Enjoy Live Success Time Coaching Hours with Us

Part 3. Join Extraordinary Self® Success Time group coaching sessions, each month, to stay motivated, engaged and accountable. We will help you focus on your goals, eliminate obstacles, and move forward. During  Success Time, you will review your Blueprint for Change, set next steps, share progress, and get answers to your questions. Success Time is open to all Program registrants. Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops and webinars.

Enjoy Extraordinary Benefits

Build confidence.
Enhance relationships.
Lower stress/anxiety.
Succeed consistently.

Strengthen planning.
Improve decisions.
Improve judgment.
Communicate better.

Build resilience.
Live with purpose.
Love yourself more.
Enhance motivation.

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How Our Live Coaching Programs Work

During live, interactive sessions rich with insight and support, we will assist you on your personal or professional reinvention journey – whatever your goal.

Together, we will figure out what’s gone wrong in the past and help you change your part in it – while preparing for a more extraordinary life, career and/or relationships ahead – especially your own relationship with you.

Our Energize for Entrepreneurial Success and Breakup and Divorce Recovery Coaching Programs are available in private and/or group formats. Whichever Coaching Program you choose and whatever your target goal, you will learn and embody an integrated set of skills and abilities necessary for your reinvention. And, we will be there with you for a year to make sure that your positive future becomes real.

Expect to feel heard and supported as we lead you through significant changes in this immersive experience.

Our Transformational Coaching Programs will help you strengthen yourself at the core, while you re-imagine and re-invent your life and future. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of others find the inner strength, satisfaction and fulfillment they craved – even when they doubted it was possible for them. Read client stories.

Over the course of year-long programs with plenty of support, you will immerse yourself in a new way of being. Whichever Coaching Program you choose, we will walk you through changes with exciting, life-changing modules designed to help you develop skills, mindset and outcomes you need.

Our Intensive Coaching Programs are typically presented over a 16-week period – followed by 8 months of accountability sessions — plus multiple support resources for your ongoing success.

As a result, you will change yourself inside. You will gain awareness, learn to shift thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and communication patterns – to maximally influence your core self-concept, self-worth, happiness and future relationships.

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How Our Self-Study Programs Work

Each Extraordinary Self® Transformational Self-Study Program includes three parts.

Part 1 is a starter Blueprint for Change to help you clarify your intentions and goal(s) and give thought to what you will need to succeed.

Part 2, our powerful in-depth Extraordinary Self e-Courses, are designed to help you change mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns so that you reach your goals – while feeling good about you, too. (See course list below.)

Part 3, we (Dr. Diane and Donna) host Extraordinary Self® Success Time for added support.

Optional Individual Coaching, guest speakers, workshops, tools, and other resources are available to help you change your mindset, thoughts, feelings, and behavior for the positive results you want – inside and out. You deserve it!

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Choose Your Self-Study Program

Come alive to the more in you! Choose the Program that feels right and speaks to your needs. If you’re not sure which Program is best for you, gain some clarity with our free Self-Assessment. Or feel free to Contact Us.

Ready to live your extraordinary life? Start today!

Our Comprehensive 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Self-Study Program will help you develop and internalize all eight powerful inner satisfaction and outer success patterns of Extraordinary individuals – as researched by our team. This e-Course will prime your mind to learn and change, while building these Key Abilities in an integrated, systemic way. Learn to reach your goals step-by-step, while minimizing self-defeating patterns, turning your inner critic into a helpful inner coach, and changing negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs to positive. The result – a mind reboot you can use again and again.

Our shorter Transformation Program Self-Study Courses each focus on helping with a specific type of challenge and troubling part of you. You’ll clarify your intentions, set your own goal(s), and develop the inner resources, mindset, and behaviors needed for lasting positive change in your life, relationships and/or career.
• Extraordinary Relationships and Win-Win Communication 
• Master Stress in 7 Steps 
• Empower Your Self-Talk 
• Power Up with Self-Confidence and Self-Worth 
• Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns
• Bounce Back with Emotional Resilience

Not sure which course is right for you? Take our complimentary Self-Assessment. And, please check back! We will be opening registration for our new Mindfulness course soon.

Our Award-Winning Learning System

This step-by-step transformation system – first developed in 2006 by Dr. Diane Kramer and a team of Psychologists and NLP trainers – is based on proven principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychological research, and mindfulness principles.

In its first ten years, our original Program and supportive environment helped thousands to change in significant ways and achieve their success goals – while increasing inner satisfaction and self-nurturing! Now, we, Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S., bring this powerhouse to you — online. Join us!

With role models, deep insights, learning-rich tools, immersive visualizations and guided practice opportunities, our award-winning no-fail proprietary learning system leads you to change to Extraordinary at a deeper level inside – while you work toward your desired goals.

Want personal contact? You’ll get it! Our professional coaching team conducts Live Success Time for Program and Coaching registrants to ensure that you are supported as you practice and internalize your changes. Need more help? Register for Private Coaching. We are here for you!

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Answers to Common Questions


Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs help build a powerful mindset and integrity-based success-oriented behaviors. Program graduates learn how to increase and sustain motivation, so they stop giving up on goals and begin reaching them consistently. In addition, these graduates report far more positive feelings, increased happiness and even enhanced joy in life. They come more alive.

Our Programs are proven to accelerate change so you leave behind disappointments, hurts and frustrations – while empowering yourself for more success and satisfaction.

Transformation Programs and optional coaching provide insights to specific issues. They help enhance your own sense of self-value and inner resilience, so you maintain positive feelings about yourself, no matter what happens outside you.

In addition, our planning framework, exercises, visualizations, learning tools, and optional personal coaching ensure that you are led to practice and internalize changes that lead to your chosen Goals.


Built for your success, every learning-rich Extraordinary Self® Live Coaching or Self-Study Program includes:

Your Blueprint for Change to help you focus on the inner and/or outer Goal you want to go for and the changes you need to make to get there.
An in-depth e-Course with multiple interactive components that will help you engage in the change process and stay motivated.
Monthly Live Success Time with us, Dr. Diane and Donna, to keep you focused on your Goal and the changes you need to make to get there.
Multiple interactive components that will help you engage in the change process and stay motivated.
 Deep insights to help you understand the reasons behind the changes you are making and how to make them stick.
 Instruction with practice exercises to reinforce what you are learning.
 Proprietary learning tools to concretize your new skills.
 Interactive visualizations to help you make permanent change.
 A password-protected online journal. Writing is proven to help cement learning by engaging you in another sensory experience. Keep track of your shifting awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as you begin reinventing your mind and using your new skills to transform your life. Look back on your progress and write about your intentions for your Extraordinary Future.
An online Goals/Action Planning tool to help you plan, track and achieve the goals you set.
Learning Checks and Feedback loops to facilitate success.
Weekly e-coaching messages to keep you on track.
Webinars, Success Circles and Online Community

Ready to roll? Choose an Extraordinary Self Transformation Program now.


We can help you activate your Extraordinary Self, build your extraordinary mindset, and establish a framework for the extraordinary life you want. Results will depend on your goals and the amount of effort you put in. If you wish to change, and follow our transformation methods, it is very possible that you will enjoy results, such as:
• Gain the inner strength and confidence you need to thrive in relationships, life and work.
• Experience more joy and happiness in your life.
• Lessen negative feelings and thoughts.
• Gain clarity, motivate yourself and live and work with purpose.
• Eliminate Self-Doubts and love yourself more.
• Develop a repeatable framework for success.
• Improve planning.
• Increase productivity.
• Lower stress.
• Make decisions with less anxiety.
• Enhance judgment.
• Improve communication.
• Build stronger win/win relationships.

As with all Goals in life, to achieve those results, you will need to do the work. But is it really work? When you are passionate – because it is what you want and need – it is more pleasure than work. That said, the framework we provide is highly effective in helping people make the inner and outer changes they desire in their lives. We want that for you! You deserve that!


We offer the option of personal coaching with each of our Extraordinary Self® Self-Study Transformation Programs. Coaching provides you with an accelerated path to “transformation.” When you sign up for personal coaching, we meet with you via computer or phone; first, we help you select the best starting point. We then work with you to further your changes as you work through the Extraordinary Self Program or Programs we select together. During the Coaching sessions, we help reinforce and troubleshoot your changes.

We also offer Success Time sessions with us, Donna and Dr. Diane, which are interactive group sessions held online via Zoom. Success Time hours are exclusively open to registered learners and coaching clients.

The purpose of Success Time is to empower you to “stay on your change track” as you reach for the inner and/or outer outcomes you are seeking. We keep you engaged and moving forward with Goals and Action Steps plus answer your questions and help you troubleshoot whenever you get stuck. We provide Learners with Success Time scheduling information and a meeting link upon Program registration.

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If you are unsure about what kind of help will get you the results you need, take our complimentary Extraordinary Self Transformation Program Self Assessment. Or sign up for an individual coaching session and we will help you figure out where to start.


Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs are offered online. When you sign up for a Program or Programs, you get started with our Blueprint for Success to help you begin to focus on the changes you need to reach the inner and/or outer outcomes you want. Then, you are given access to our proprietary e-Learning portal, where you can engage in your e-Course work at your convenience, 24/7/365.

Our learning strategies were developed and tested during more than a decade of research and testing in-person with individuals and groups, including a college program environment.

Also, as part of your Transformation Program, we invite you to monthly Success Time with us, Donna and Dr. Diane, to stay engaged in your change project and keep moving forward toward your inner and/or outer outcomes.

If you choose our optional Coaching Program, coaching sessions also are conveniently offered online via Zoom, as well as by telephone. You can choose your preferred connection method when you register with us.


Dr. Diane Kramer, clinical and research psychologist, learning specialist, business developer, coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) expert, author and professor emeritus, conceived the idea that the skills and abilities of Extraordinary individuals (those who maintain continual inner self-value and good feelings while reaching Breakthrough Goals) were teachable to others.

In 2004, her team of psychologists, social workers and business leaders began the work of creating a learning program to teach those Extraordinary skills to others. The team included Dr. Diane Huisinga, Clinical Psychologist; Dee Kinder, NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer; and Karen Bading, M.S.W. NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer. David Gordon, one of the first NLP Trainers, mentored the start of the project. 

In 2006, Donna Anselmo, an award-winning journalist, communicator, trainer, and business leader joined the team.

Across two decades, we continuously improved the Program based on feedback and results from participants. The evidence speaks for itself. Our group and individual Programs resulted in a staggering 96% of Program participants reporting lasting success. Check out our testimonials for more information.

The Extraordinary Self Transformation Program was later re-developed by Dr. Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S. for online access 24/7/365 access. For more information about our founders, see details about our Leadership Team.


Extraordinary Self®  Transformational Programs online are reasonably priced to deliver exceptional value. Structured for multi-modal sensory learning, based on proven principles of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the neurosciences, the e-Course component of our Programs is delivered on our award-winning e-learning platform.

Our comprehensive 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Program’s e-Course teaches 8 very important abilities for ongoing success and satisfaction. They form the integrated set of abilities that Extraordinary individuals use to maintain ongoing inner satisfaction and good feelings while achieving success after success. This Program begins with our Blueprint for Change and also includes our weekly group Success Time hour exclusively for registrants. ($347)

Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs targeting specific problem areas are designed to help you reach your desired outcomes in the area(s) you choose. As with our 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future Program, these shorter Programs’ e-Courses help you reach and maintain ongoing inner satisfaction and good feelings while achieving success after success. These Programs begin with our Blueprint for Success and also include our monthly group Success Time hour exclusively for registrants. ($147 each)
Master Stress in 7 Steps 
Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns
Bounce Back with Emotional Resilience
Power Up for Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
Empower Your Self-Talk
Extraordinary Relationships and Win/Win Communication

Browse our Catalog to learn more about the content and cost of our Coaching Programs.

Tune into our social media and website pages for special offers. Coupon offers and general pricing are subject to change at our discretion.

If you wish to enhance your income, explore our Extraordinary Self Referral Partner (Affiliate) Program, through which you can earn commission each time one of your referrals signs up.