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Good news! Enjoy a Complimentary Extraordinary Self® Course Online! Now, you’ve got a free learning opportunity to get you through the rough spots! Why? Because we believe the world needs more happy and extraordinary right now! 

Given the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, we are making our Mastering Stress in 7 Steps e-course available at no charge, for a limited time. This engaging and interactive course facilitates deep inner change step-by-step with learner-friendly insights, story-telling, practice exercises, fun visuals and relaxing visualizations. Self-paced courses are ready when you are, and we’re presently offering them at no charge. They are our gift to you! Sound Good? Start lowering your stress level now!

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Extraordinary Self courses are designed to help you really change inside for lasting positive change in both your inner and outer worlds. You set your goal. We help you get there! Learn about Extraordinary Self e-courses today.

Experience more success and satisfaction

Imagine this … You’ve empowered yourself. Negative voices fade away. Your self-confidence flourishes. Your thoughts are positive. Your time expands as you make better choices. You feel more energy and act more boldly. Your stretch goals are easier to reach. You achieve ongoing success and enjoy deeper satisfaction with your life. Ready? Start reaching goals today with Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Courses.

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Enjoy more of your heart’s desires

Imagine waking up knowing your life is on track … You tackle each day with purpose and enjoyment. You feel connected to something bigger in the universe. You feel more free than ever. You’ve learned that true freedom comes from your power to decide. You choose the outcomes you desire. You experience heartfelt connections with your life and those in it. You now approach life with more joy.

Experience the sense of connection you’ve been missing with Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Courses.

Release what’s holding you back

Envision yourself in control of your life, thoughts and emotions … You no longer feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed. Inner conflict is a thing of the past. You think more clearly with fewer distractions. You no longer question yourself or your worth. Decisions are easier. You have replaced fear of failure with sustained motivation. You know how to move forward. You are highly resourceful. And, you learned how to get what you want, consistently. Sound good? It’s possible. We will teach you how. Reinvent your mindset and build valuable skills for change with Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Courses.

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Step beyond your limits

Break down barriers in your life or career with Extraordinary Self® courses. Perhaps you believe circumstances won’t change, change is too hard, or you won’t get the results you want. We will help you shift away from unhelpful thought, belief and behavior patterns that undermine great outcomes. With course insights, Extraordinary Self® action planning, and personal effort, you will free yourself to experience the changes you want. Start now with our complimentary Self Assessment and choose the course or courses for you.

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How We Define Success

Do you wonder what it takes to be successful and satisfied in life? We’ve found that different people define success in different ways. We define success as learning how to consistently get what you want, in an ethical way, with great integrity, self-value and self-reliance. When your success becomes an ongoing pattern, you will experience more joy and fulfillment.

Developing the success pattern is more complicated than defining it. Unless you also learn how to live in an ongoing state of satisfaction and well-being, success can be accompanied by anxiety, stress and discomfort. It all depends on how your mind works. Developing mindful awareness helps. Your mind can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. Luckily, your mind is in your control. When you master your mind, you’ll have more control over your inner and outer lives. We can help you access your Extraordinary Self®, cultivate the extraordinary mindset, and build the extraordinary future you want. Take our Self Assessment to see which strengths you want to develop. Or contact us, if you wish to explore personal coaching.

Journey Forward with Confidence


Extraordinary Self programs help build a powerful mindset and integrity-based success-oriented behaviors. Course graduates learn how to increase and sustain motivation so they stop giving up on goals and start reaching them consistently.

Our program is proven to accelerate change so you quickly leave behind disappointments, hurts and frustrations, and increase resilience. Courses and coaching options provide insight to specific issues and help enhance your own sense of self-value so you maintain positive feelings about yourself, no matter what happens outside you. In addition, our planning framework, exercises, visualizations, learning tools and personal coaching options ensure that you are supported as you practice and internalize your changes.


We offer the option of personal coaching with each of our programs. Coaching provides you with an accelerated path to ‘reinvention’. When you sign up for personal coaching, we meet with you via computer or phone; first, we help you select the best starting point. We then work with you to further your changes as you work through the Extraordinary Self course or courses we select together. During the Coaching sessions, we help reinforce and troubleshoot your changes.


We can help you activate your Extraordinary Self, build your extraordinary mindset, and establish a framework for the extraordinary life you want. Results will depend on your goals and the amount of effort you put in. If you wish to change, and follow our lesson plan, it is very possible that you will enjoy results, such as:
• Gain the inner strength and confidence you need to thrive in relationships, life and work.
• Gain clarity, motivate yourself and live and work with purpose.
• Develop a repeatable framework for success.
• Improve planning.
• Increase productivity.
• Lower stress.
• Make decisions with less anxiety.
• Enhance judgment.
• Improve communication.
• Build stronger win-win relationships.

As with all goals in life, to achieve those results, you will need to do the work. That said, the framework we provide is highly effective in helping people make the inner and outer changes they desire in their lives.


If you are unsure about what kind of help will get you the results you need, take our complimentary Extraordinary Self Program Self Assessment. You will find a link to the Self Assessment under the in the menu bar at top of page, and in the website footer.


Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Courses are offered online. When you sign up for a course or courses, you are given access to our proprietary e-Learning portal, where you can engage in your course work at your convenience, 24/7.
Our learning strategies were developed and tested during more than a decade of research and testing in-person with individuals and groups, including a college program environment.

If you choose our optional Coaching Program, coaching sessions also are conveniently offered online via Go-to-Meeting, Zoom, Skype or other platforms, as well as by telephone. You can choose your preferred connection method when you register with us.


Conceived by Dr. Diane Kramer, clinical psychologist and professor emeritus, the Extraordinary Self® Program was developed by a team of psychologists, social workers and business leaders in the mid-1990s. These leaders included Dee KInder, NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer; Karen Bading, NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer; Diane Huisinga, Clinical Psychologist; and later, Donna Anselmo, Extraordinary Self® coach/trainer, author and business leader.

Over more than a decade of program delivery, team members continuously improved the program based on feedback and results from participants. The evidence speaks for itself. Our group and individual programs resulted in 96% of program participants reporting lasting success. Check out our testimonials for more information.

The online version of the Extraordinary Self e-Learning program was later re-developed by Dr. Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S.. For more information about our founders, visit our About Us page.

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