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Recovering from Toxic and Dysfunctional
Relationships, Breakups and Divorce

frazzled woman image for cover of Recovering from Toxic and Dysfunctional Relationships, Breakups, and Divorce e-book

For those who have been plagued by a toxic relationship, painful breakup and divorce, we offer our e-book as a first step in your journey to more self-love and self-value, greater confidence, and a life worth living – day after day. This e-book will help you reinvent your life by providing key insights to recover from a breakup.

Who We Are: We, Donna Anselmo and Dr. Diane Kramer, are your lead Breakup and Divorce Recovery coaches. Our award-winning programs, including our live sessions and immersive e-courses, are designed not to simply tell you about change, but to actually lead you through change, step by step.

As Breakup and Divorce Recovery coaches, we will help you heal from breakups and divorce, lessen fear and uncertainty, restore emotional balance, set your goals, and grow the confidence needed to work toward your brighter, happier future – even if you can’t quite see it now.

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