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Empower Your Self Talk! For Success and Satisfaction


Are you too hard on yourself? Do the words in your head lead you to give up on hopes and dreams? Do you need a boost of inner power

Learn how the way you talk to yourself influences your Self-Worth, Relationships, and Success Goals. Important changes in your Self-Talk – and in the underlying beliefs that produce that Self-Talk – will result in significant changes in your feelings and behaviors. Improvement in your Self-Worth, in your Relationships, and in your ability to reach Success Goals will occur. Problem-solving will get better. You will live more of the life you want to live.

This Extraordinary Self® Resource Course will show you how to change your mind, literally, by changing the words in your head. Results will include more awareness of thoughts in the moment, greater self-acceptance and more powerful problem-solving, actions and communication .

Ready to empower the words in your head and be more positive, more powerful and more productive? Register today and generate more positive Self-Talk before you know it.


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Empower Your Self -Talk! will show you how to change your mind, literally, by mastering the words running through your head. Results will include more awareness of thoughts in the moment, greater self -value and positive feelings, and more powerful problem solving, relationships and goal setting.

This Extraordinary Self® Resource course will help you understand and embrace the reasons for managing and optimizing your Self-Talk—the inner voice that sounds like thoughts whispering (or maybe shouting) inside your head. Self-Talk can be helpful or hurtful; it can lead to self-power or self-sabotage. This course will help develop your awareness, connection with and ability to moderate your inner voice so it offers you helpful, instead of negative, messages.


• Become more aware of the tone and messages of your inner voice—in the moment
 Tune into your Inner Voice with heightened awareness and new skills.
 Quickly recognize when that voice in your head is not helpful.
Develop skills for changing negative language to supportive, soothing and/or positive, more powerful language. (With practice, this skill will become a new and helpful automatic pattern.)
 Learn how to redirect your thoughts and inner voice so it becomes a positive, empowering resource.
Understand and change how you talk to yourself in order to improve your Self-Worth and Relationships and to reach your Success Goals more consistently.
 With changes in your Self-Talk, you will improve your decision-making, your feelings and your behaviors, allowing you to enjoy more of the life you want to live.


 Exercises to help you identify the changes you desire.
Insights to deepen mindful awareness for noticing and controlling the mental and situational Triggers leading to negative thoughts and emotional reactions affecting your inner voice.
Exercises that enable you to examine Triggers and feelings more closely, as they foster positive thoughts, feelings and actions that calm negativity, and build self-compassion. They also engage you in our learning-focused strategy for building inner resources for personal satisfaction and outer success.
  Proprietary learning tools that will help reinforce your changes.
•  Focused Visualizations that promote change at a deep inner level and foster creation and incorporation of new, positive automatic thoughts and reactions over time
  A private online journal in which you may write about your new awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as they relate to your inner life and goals. Using an online journal will help you track your progress, reflect on the positive changes you are making and reinforce the changes you are experiencing.
 Access to our proprietary online Action Planning Tool to help you achieve the goals you set.
  Built in Learning Checks and Feedback loops to help assess your progress and stay on track.
  10 weeks of coaching support, via email, delivered to your inbox to help you stay on track.
 Weekly access to Live Office Hours, exclusive to Registered Learners Only and including real-time discussions, insights and answers to Learners’ questions and concerns.
 Access to educational webinars and the Extraordinary Self community online chats, weekly Public Office Hours, and more.

BUY THIS COURSE if you wish to shift your inner voice from negative to positive, sabotaging to soothing, self-limiting to self-liberating while developing your own “Inner Language Coach.”  If you wish for a more sound, clear and kind inner language and purpose, this course is for you. With transformed Inner Language, you can also empower yourself to  improve the quality of your relationships.