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Become Your Own Inner Super Hero e-Book


Become Your Own Inner Superhero with Liberating Beliefs for an Extraordinary Life explains the underlying impact of beliefs on our self-worth and motivation in simple, straight-forward language. The e-book provides 90 Liberating Beliefs to guide your personal transformation. It also includes six workbook pages of exercises to help you assess and strengthen your belief in yourself and your potential to create the changes you desire in life, relationships and work.

In this short but power-packed e-book, authors Donna Anselmo and Dr. Diane Kramer introduce the empowering impact of learning-centered Liberating beliefs, which result in more positivity, self-compassion, success and satisfaction.

The content of this book enlightens readers with 90 powerfully Liberating Beliefs to help free your mind of negativity. Learning-centered Liberating Beliefs will help you offload old automatic thought patterns and emotions – along with the underlying limiting beliefs that hold them in place. This reader-friendly e-book will provide you with inner language secrets you can use to break with the limiting beliefs that derail you from the success and satisfaction you want. By embracing the learning focus and positivity of our list of Liberating Beliefs, you will move yourself into the world of sustainable inner and outer change. This easy-to-read 25-page e-book organizes Liberating Beliefs into sets based on the specific inner dimensions people typically target for change – such as beliefs about self-worth, feelings, personal identity, choice and control, people and relationships, productivity and success, and more. The e-book is a perfect complement to every Extraordinary Self® e-Course and Coaching service and a helpful stand-alone self-development product.


Become Your Own Inner Superhero with
Liberating Beliefs for an Extraordinary Life


For many people, inner beliefs lie unexamined and unchallenged. Yet they influence our perceptions, self-worth, mindset and motivation each day—sometimes in detrimental ways. Now, you can begin transforming your inner and outer worlds (and perhaps even the world at large) by examining and challenging your own beliefs, and also testing the fit of 90 Liberating Beliefs we present.

Become Your Own Inner Superhero with Liberating Beliefs for an Extraordinary Life discusses the root of beliefs, sheds light on challenging them, and provides writing exercises to help you cement your learning. We designed this 25-page e-Book to support you in developing a more positive outlook, self-empowerment, stronger motivation, and a commitment to ongoing learning.

Co-authored by Dr. Diane Kramer, clinical psychologist, professor emeritus, award-winning e-learning entrepreneur, and author of The Creativity Game, and Donna Anselmo, success strategist, self-development coach, award-winning e-learning content creator, author of Marketing Demystified (McGraw-Hill), this e-book is very reader friendly, while giving you much to think about.

It is a perfect complement to Extraordinary Self® e-Courses and Coaching Services, as well as a helpful stand-alone self-development product.

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