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Embracing New Skills Unlocks Your Potential

Wonder why you’ve been stuck in the same old, same old? Have you wanted to dig out, but believe you can’t change? Are you feeling like change is a hopeless cause?

Then, you’ll want to meet Beverly, the role model we introduce in Extraordinary Self® courses. Beverly learned how to Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns and reach her goals.

Cartoon Beverly image says Hey, I'm stuck. I need somoe help.

In our Extraordinary Self story-telling, Beverly is not a real person, but a composite of so many people who joined Extraordinary Self Programs looking for change. Like many people, Beverly wanted different outcomes than she was getting in her life, work and relationships

She had become way too familiar with the negative voices in her head. She heard them often enough! Beverly’s inner voice barraged her with bad words that shamed her and blamed her for everything that went wrong. Her inner voice stressed her, tired her out, and made her feel bad about herself and her abilities—even though she was actually a pretty cool person.

Like most people we meet, Beverly wanted to feel better inside and enjoy more successful outcomes in her outer life. But, Beverly constantly questioned herself. She felt conflicted inside and beat herself up with her own bad feelings about herself and her capabilities.

Because she felt unsure, she avoided decisions and procrastinated a lot. She was barraged by worry, fear, anger, blaming, complaining and resentment.

Many of Beverly’s bad feelings emerged from her long-held self-Limiting Beliefs. She felt exhausted from living with stress, disappointment, and fear of failure for so long. And, she didn’t see a way out.

How Change Happened for Beverly

Beverly decided to Change! When she learned about the Extraordinary Self Program from a friend, she decided to dive in.

She soon learned many new paths to changing herself inside. Then, she learned that changing inside led to big changes in her outer life.

In our Overcoming Self Defeating Patterns course, Beverly Learned:

1.  How to identify her own Self-Defeating Patterns and figure out why she held on to them.

2.  How to Detach from those Patterns and calm herself so she could respond more effectively in her life.

3.  How to find those underlying Limiting Beliefs that actually held her Self-Defeating Patterns in place.

4.  How to challenge and replace old Limiting Beliefs that shut her down with new Liberating Beliefs that opened up her thinking and unleashed fresh momentum!

5. How to practice operating differently in the world with her new Liberating Beliefs. Her new beliefs became the fresh air that pushed her through the door to learning, change and success!

6. How to learn what’s needed, so she could and would continue reaching Goals.

Beverly’s changes took time.
Meaningful change takes effort and practice!

Like most people, Beverly really, really wanted a less stressed, more enjoyable life. With that as her goal, she became an enthusiastic learner and increased her own motivation to succeed.

Like real people—thousands of students, business leaders, homemakers and consultants who’ve put their change muscle to work with our programs—Beverly succeeded!

She broke out of the old patterns she was stuck in—Avoidance, Procrastination, Worry, Fear, Anger, Blaming, Complaining and Resentment—and she immersed herself in an extraordinary new pattern of Learning about herself and outside things she still needed to learn. She also changed many beliefs about herself, which freed her thinking and success strategies.

You can do that, too! You can learn how to succeed in changing your feelings, thinking, perspective and even your basic beliefs about you. You can literally change your mind, and your choices, judgment and behavior, too.

To do so, you’ll need to Learn How To Change your own Self-Defeating Patterns. As you do, you will liberate yourself from unfounded limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. And, you will begin changing the parts of your life that truly are in your control.

We focus on teaching people how to do just that. Check out our Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns course, and other self-help and coaching options.

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Choices for Transformation:

Download our free e-book – Recovering from Toxic Relationships, Breakup and Divorce Recovery e-book– including Nine Steps for Recover

Sign up for one of our Toxic Relationships, Breakup and Divorce Recovery Programs. These Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs, comes in three versions – a private coaching program over 9 months to help you evolve to the next level of self-love, self-confidence and a fulfilling life, a group program and third, a self-study version, each to fit your budget.

Sign up for one of our other Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs. In addition to Toxic Relationship Breakup and Divorce Recovery, our Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs include live coaching (Individual or group} and 7 intensive powerful self-study courses for self and relationship development, Our core course, 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future, has won multiple awards and helped thousands. Our other courses include courses on stress, self-talk, emotions, self-defeating patterns, relationships and self-worth.

Dr. Diane
(Kramer) is a long-time relationship and business coach, psychologist, divorce mediator, author and marriage counselor. Dr. Diane brings insight, wisdom, warmth, and powerful tools to help her clients recover from toxic and painful relationships with self and/or other – in personal life and business. She teaches the mind set, skill set and action set to feel continually self-loving and powerful while reaching success goals time-after-time in all areas of your life.

Donna (Anselmo) M.S., Dr. Diane’s partner, is a long-time business and relationship coach, best-selling author, hypnotherapist, radio personality and branding/marketing specialist who uses wisdom, compassion, insight and powerful tools to lead her clients to recover from toxic and painful relationships with self and/or others. She then leads her clients to build successful lives, step-by-step, in the areas of relationships, career, business and personal life.

Co-founders of the award-winning Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs, Donna and Dr. Diane draw their tools from Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic Programming (think Tony Robbins) and MIndfulness Practices.

Donna and Dr. Diane have helped thousands of Extraordinary Self graduates transform. “We look forward to helping you.”

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