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Extraordinary Support for Changes You Want in 2023

Planning for Success

New Year’s Day has come and gone. Valentine’s Day is already on the way. Many people set yearly intentions and then forget them by February. But, you don’t need to! The good news is that we at Extraordinary Self Programs can help you plan and reach your Success Goals whenever you are ready to start.

Have you set goals or new intentions for 2023 yet? I have. Here’s how I did it.

I wrote down where I am at right now in all areas of my life and also where I want to be one year from now – January 2024. I thought about health, relationships, money, spirituality, mood, lifestyle, food, business, hobbies, exercise, etc. Then, I chose the three most important goals for the year and started listing the skills and resources I needed so that I could change enough to get me where I want to go. 

Download a copy of our Goal Setting Form here.

My partner, Donna Anselmo, and I suggest you do the same. Write down where you are now and where you want to be a year from now (or whatever timeline works best for your particular goals). Better yet, come to Extraordinary Self Success Time – open to everyone – on Wednesdays at 6 PM EST, and we will lead you through goal-setting. (To get the Zoom link, sign up here.) Then, we will help you figure out what you need to change in order to reach the most important of your goals. 

Donna and I encourage you to go for what you want more of in your life and to know that you can have more. We’ll show you how. Download the Extraordinary Self Success Goals Chart PDF to help you get started.

A Note on Change

Change is a funny thing. You can’t just say: “I want to change.” You have to “Do something” in order to make it real. This is where we come in. 

In each of our transformational Programs, such as Overcoming Self-Defeating Patterns, Bounce Back with Emotional Resilience, or our flagship 8 Key Abilities for your Extraordinary Future, we lead you through the specifics of change. 

In each course, you’ll meet the character of Beverly, our course role model, to help you through. You’ll also get specific exercises designed for you to identify and change beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

Taking our Programs and following the steps in our e-Courses gives you the tools to changewhich is great. However, you also need the motivation to keep working on your changes. This is where we come in again!

To really change, you need support and encouragement. Sometimes you need a push.

Extraordinary Self Success Time Support for Course Registrants

We provide that support, encouragement and push for anyone who has enrolled in an Extraordinary Self Program, including e-Courses, during our Success Time hour each Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:15. Zoom in with us to receive group coaching for your changes as well as a renewal of your goals and intentions and a visualization to tie it all together.

What’s more, you can join our Extraordinary Success Circle groups in physical locations (where available) or in online groups where you will meet up with others on the Extraordinary Self journey and get the nourishment and support from group members on the Extraordinary Self journey. Think Extraordinary Self Facebook Groups, Hangouts and the Zoom meetings. Friends helping friends in Win/Win ways is what our Success Circles are all about.

And of course, we also offer Extraordinary Self individual coaching (optional) to give you the special attention that you may need. 

How Our Program is Different

Whereas there are many Internet-based groups talking about change, our Extraordinary Self Programs leave little to chance.

What differentiates our program is that we don’t just talk about the changes you need. We actually lead you through change in a holistic way. Our lessons — along with real-time support — guide you to change multiple parts of Self in lockstep. The result is an integrated system for lasting positive change. We’ll help you internalize this approach with the proven exercises, visualizations, practice scenarios and tools we provide.

As your future Extraordinary Self, you will continue learning, moving forward, learning again, and succeeding as you go. More success and satisfaction awaits you!

You can try a sample e-Course for half-price today at www.extraordinaryself.com by signing up for any course you like and using the coupon, Success Circle. Please do so. We want to meet you and help you enjoy the life you want.

To Your Extraordinary Self,

Dr. Diane