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Affiliate Marketing FAQ

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FAQ for Affiliate Marketers

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Program of Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs. You now have an opportunity to build income with the turnkey Extraordinary Self e-Learning system and Affiliate Marketing portal. Once registered as an Extraordinary Self Affilliate Marketer, you will be eligible to earn a commission each time someone uses your custom affiliate link to make a purchase at ExtraordinarySelf.com.

You will be opening the door to a more extraordinary future for yourself and those individuals who learn with us.

Whom Should I Refer to the Extraordinary Self Program?

Invite all your contacts – especially people who are open to self-development, more relationship success, and/or want to build skills that will enhance their career track. 

How Can I Find People to Refer?

  1. Start with your own contacts. Think about who you know that can benefit from less stress and negativity, more self-confidence and self-worth, improved relationships, and emotional resilience. Reach out to people you know are having trouble getting “unstuck” to let them know about Extraordinary Self e-Courses and how they can help. And consider people on the self-growth and career track who need help to “get out of their own way.”
  2. Build your e-mail list using personal outreach and/or social media.  A good email list – used properly – can help drive targeted traffic and build financial resources for you as people use theAfiliate Marketing link you provide.

     E-mail marketing allows you build connections and relationships with your readers over time. When done right, email marketing will help you grow your sales. as your email list grows, your affiliate marketing sales will grow too, if you’re doing it right.

    There are many resources on the Internet to help you learn the basics of e-Mail marketing, and even advanced Email marketing techniques. MailChimp offers a free option for sending bulk e-mail. You can also explore ConstantContact.com using their a free trial option.

  3. Share your Affiliate Marketing link on your social media accounts – and use comment fields to let people kn0w how Extraordinary Self e-Courses help.  Our e-Courses build skills leading to more inner satisfaction and outer success by transforming the way people think and feel.

How Much Will I Earn in Commissions?

Ultimately, the commissions you earn will depend on you. As with all endeavors, you must do your part. The more diligent you are, the higher your earnings will be.

Extraordinary Self Learning Systems, LLC, will pay you 20% of each sale completed by a Learner referred through your Affiliate Marketing link.

When Will I Be Paid?
Payments are issued within 7 business days of each customer signup.

How Will I Be Paid?

When you sign up as an Affiliate Marketer, you will be asked to submit your email address and your preferred payment route  All payment information shall be made through a secure portal.

You will receive more information via e-mail after you have signed up as an Affiliate Marketer.

What Resources Do You Provide for Affiliate Marketers?

Extraordinary Self is continually adds resources for our clients and affiliates.
Currently, Extraordinary Self Affiliate Marketers will be able to:
• Access our “Getting Started” manual
• Use a customized form for our easy registration process.
Easily monitor your visitors and conversion rates.
Check your commissions and the status of each payment received.
• Share your link on social media

Coming soon …
• Link your own Website or Blog url, and/or social channels, small bio, etc. to help build your relationships.
• Receive e-mail notification when a new commission is generated
• Receive an email notification when a commission is paid

What’s a good way to start?

If you also are interested in Extraordinary Self learning, a good way to get going is to bring your friends to the Extraordinary Self world, and together you’ll enjoy a supportive environment in which to make changes.

Organizing a group of your friends who want to achieve a goal or make a change is a great place to start your Affiliate Marketing effort. Together you will learn new ways to change thoughts, behaviors, lives, relationships, and/or careers. Set the goals you each want to achieve and learn how to change together.

You will earn a 20% commission for every person who registers to be in your Extraordinary Self® Study Group.

Need help? We’ll help you facilitate group discussions, questions and answers by providing instructional resources. And, as registered Learners, all course participants also may join our Live Office Hours or contact us for extra guidance.

As you and your friends change in extraordinary ways, you will be making the world a more healthy and happy  place to be!

Remember – Extraordinary Selves live life with more confidence, passion, integrity and focus. They align their actions with their goals and learn to overcome obstacles using our no-fail learning system. They feel better about themselves. With more self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence, they feel more satisfied with themselves and their lives. When there is something they want, they are more apt to go for it, and more likely to achieve their goals. Better still, Extraordinary Selves do that with less worry, less stress and a learning focused, can-do attitude.

Sound good? Ask a few friends to take an Extraordinary Self® course with you. Right now we have 7 courses available and more on deck.

Participants in a local Extraordinary Self® Study Groups do not need to take the same course. Our Resource Courses tackle different focus areas so you choose the course that suits you best. No matter which course people take, there are many common elements and pathways, so friends can learn and grow together.

Between Extraordinary Self Study Group meetings (we suggest weekly if possible), members can work on course exercises and practice. When you get together, you will be able to encourage each other to stay on track.

We’ve dedicated our arsenal of resources to you because we want to make a difference in this world. And we believe you do, too. Get started today!

Need Assistance?

Need more help? Feel free to contact: coaches@extraordinaryself.com.

We are continually expanding our resources to help you.