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Everyone has them. We’re talking about inner resources – the varying personality parts that make us tick. When transformed from hindrances to resources, they make us stronger and more capable. They also help us lead more extraordinary lives.

Sadly, not everyone acknowledges these inner parts or has learned to befriend them. Does making friends or talking with your inner parts make you sound crazy? Definitely not! Imagine for a moment that inside your mind is a plethora of personality attributes. We all have several. Imagine calling on yours the way a general calls up troops for special missions. Or, if you will, picture an inner team, each member of which has its own super power. When cultivated and summoned, those inner team members can help you accomplish what others might think impossible. In truth, those inner parts make all the difference!

For example — Living in “ordinary” mode, most people give up on goals when they can’t figure out how to reach them. They may start out gung-ho, then fizzle out when the going gets tough. Eventually, they revert to their comfort zone, even when it is really not so comfortable – even when it means they don’t get what their heart desires.

Most people pause their efforts when they feel stuck or don’t know how to proceed; they may fantasize about their goals, but leave them on a back burner. Some give up because others make them feel their goals are unimportant or unattainable. As a result, they might tackle something easier to accomplish, or give up entirely.

Why? Because most people operate on autopilot, with deeply rooted self-defeating patterns running the show – patterns that have become so automatic they don’t even notice them. On that trajectory, people can stay very busy, but do little to change their lives in a meaningful way.

For instance, Tom (not his real name) is closing in on 70. He would like to find a better paying job, but he has convinced himself that no opportunities exist for him now, because of his age. His belief that employers won’t hire an older person gets in his way – so Tom doesn’t focus on using his own vast workplace knowledge or contacting former business associates for help. He doesn’t call a recruiter for help. He doesn’t make a new success plan. He simply settles for his version of what is. He gives up.

Like many others, Tom succumbs to feelings of failure and depression that keep him from moving forward. Why? Because he hasn’t yet learned how to change the success-limiting inner beliefs and patterns that come between him and his goals.

Contrast those like Tom with people living Extraordinary Lives. Picture the go-getters you know – those people who always make cool things happen. They get what they want. They enjoy life to the fullest. Why do they succeed while others fail?

Years ago, during a class in Extraordinary Self® school, we discussed the varied success of Harvard graduates. Each had a “Harvard education.” Some enjoyed wild success; they went on to build great relationships, raise happy families, become sought-after media pundits, or lead top companies. Yet, others experienced failure after failure. Many Harvard grads lead ordinary lives, occasionally reaching their goals. Like non Harvardites, some get stuck in vicious cycles that never get them what they want. Others drink too much. So, why didn’t a Harvard education prepare every graduate for truly extraordinary success? Even a Harvard education only goes so far!

While the brains of every Harvard student can store and apply tons of important information, not every Harvard graduate has mastered the necessary “inner framework” for longstanding success and life satisfaction. That requires a different skill set, a different level of insight – plus the ability for extensive self-awareness and exploration. These life-altering skills are taught in the Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Program.

Extraordinary Selves develop the inner resources needed to regularly experience inner satisfaction and outer success; these inner resources also keep them motivated and fulfilled. By cultivating helpful inner resources, Extraordinary Selves activate their own Self-Worth as a crucial component for ongoing success. They stay on Mission and live life with Purpose. They achieve Breakthrough Goals because they’ve developed habit patterns that support big success. They have learned to do that! You can, too.

Extraordinary Selves are able to stay on track – or get back on track when they fall off the success path – by using a no-fail learning system and developing action plans as part of their Success Strategy. They’ve learned how to transform their Inner Judge and Obstacle Parts from hindrances into helpful resources. They’ve also learned to Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns through self-empowerment. They use effective Self-Talk strategies, take 100% responsibility for their inner and outer lives and their part in their relationships; and they become skilled in developing Extraordinary Relationships and Win/Win Communication!

Trying to figure out what you really want in your life, relationships and/or career? Wondering which Extraordinary Self attributes would help you get where you want to go? Take our free Self Assessment at ExtraordinarySelf.com, then begin (or continue) your self-development journey. Sign up for the Extraordinary Self Transformation Courses designed for your success and satisfaction. Your Extraordinary Future awaits you!

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Dr. Diane
(Kramer) is a long-time relationship and business coach, psychologist, divorce mediator, author and marriage counselor. Dr. Diane brings insight, wisdom, warmth, and powerful tools to help her clients recover from toxic and painful relationships with self and/or other – in personal life and business. She teaches the mind set, skill set and action set to feel continually self-loving and powerful while reaching success goals time-after-time in all areas of your life.

Donna (Anselmo) M.S., Dr. Diane’s partner, is a long-time business and relationship coach, best-selling author, hypnotherapist, radio personality and branding/marketing specialist who uses wisdom, compassion, insight and powerful tools to lead her clients to recover from toxic and painful relationships with self and/or others. She then leads her clients to build successful lives, step-by-step, in the areas of relationships, career, business and personal life.

Co-founders of the award-winning Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs, Donna and Dr. Diane draw their tools from Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic Programming (think Tony Robbins) and MIndfulness Practices.

Donna and Dr. Diane have helped thousands of Extraordinary Self graduates transform. “We look forward to helping you.”

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