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What It Is and How It Helps

Did you ever wonder why some people seem stuck in their lives and others are thriving? Why do these thriving individuals reach outcome after outcome as they move forward in time?

Back in the 60s, two men, Richard Bandler and John Grinder (along with Judith DeLozier, Leslie Bandler LeBeau and Robert Dilts) in Santa Cruz, California, determined to find out why some people consistently reach their outcomes and others don’t. And so NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming was born.

Richard and John, fathers of NLP, chose a series of extraordinary people to study – including Milton Erikson, famed hypnotherapist who learned to change even difficult people, and Virginia Satir, renowned family therapist, who learned how to bring whole families to higher levels of fulfillment and satisfaction. They studied the repeating patterns of their extraordinary models, including Erikson and Satir.

Richard and John asked themselves: How do these extraordinary individuals achieve their outcomes again and again?

They studied their external behaviors including body language and facial expression. They studied language patterns. And these external patterns they discovered led them to hypothesize about inner patterns – belief systems, value structures, stress levels and thought processes including self-talk.

Armed with all these patterns, Richard and John began to change themselves into their extraordinary role models. They modeled the external behavior, language patterns and inner structure of those they were studying. They kept modifying themselves until they could duplicate the outcomes of their role models, until they themselves became as extraordinary as those they studied.

And now they had a template and system to train others. John and Richard modeled and taught patterns of excellence as well as patterns of change that led to patterns of excellence. And they taught how to identify patterns that were self-defeating. So NLP became a strategy – identify your self-defeating or non-effective patterns, then using modeled change methods, change to modeled patterns of excellence.

I remember the first training I participated in, run by John Grinder, in a Manhattan hotel on Central Park South. John drilled us over and over in detaching from internal bad feelings and self-defeating patterns, an important change pattern of extraordinary people. He then taught us to change belief patterns, set an outcome and go for it through learning step-by-step. His mantra – “There is no failure, only feedback.”

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Based on early success, NLP Training Programs spread throughout the world, still going strong in 2022. All kinds of ‘patterns of excellence’ have been modeled in hundreds of fields of endeavor.

I, myself, went to NLP Trainings for more than 20 years, including Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Advanced Master Practitioner, Hypnosis, Metaphor, Modeling, Emotional and Healthcare Training, and Patterns of Genius.

How were all these trainings useful to me? Over time, I reached outcome after outcome, including my dream husband, a house on the water, multiple successful businesses, artistic and design success, and my dream partner in the Extraordinary Self Reinvention Program, Donna Anselmo. Along the way, I learned to feel consistently good about myself on the inside.

And over the years, I made another dream come true – a series of e-learning courses (called the Extraordinary Self Reinvention Program) on my own e-learning platform, to help individuals reach their own dreams of success on the outside via feeling good, believing in self, and going for it on the inside.

I started the Extraordinary Self Program by assembling a team of NLP Trainers and Psychologists to study the general patterns of extraordinary people. Finding 8 Key Abilities of these extraordinary people, I then developed an award-winning training program to teach these 8 Key Abilities. A later step was to create e-Courses on my own e-learning platform to teach these 8 Key Abilities, course by course, to a wide audience.

These Extraordinary Self Reinvention e-Courses use NLP methodology to lead learners to model the excellent patterns of extraordinary people – including feeling good about themselves no matter what is happening externally and transforming any self-defeating pattern into learning patterns. Each e-Course teaches the learner to change beliefs, from limiting to liberating, to set outcomes and to go for each outcome, step-by-step, learning at each step rather than giving up.

To explore about these e-Courses and sign up for one, go to www.extraordinaryself.com. Keep at it step-by-step and you will soon be achieving your own dream.