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Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: Reinvention Program – Immersive, Experiential Self-Study Program with Live Success Time


 If business was easy, everyone would start one, right? But success is elusive. You may be struggling with stress and overwhelm, questionable decisions, missing skill sets, and underwhelming business results. And your worries may double if you are financially responsible for employees and family. Sound familiar?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been where you are. So, we made it our mission to uncover the secrets of peak performers and develop a model that transforms mediocre results into high performance – over and over again. What’s the secret? Inner reinvention leads to extraordinary outer results!

Based on our research, our team of Psychologists and NLP (see below) Trainers created a program modeled on  the 8 Key Abilities shared in common amongst our peak performers. This self-study Program includes (1) a starter Blueprint for Change; (2) Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: An 8 Key Abilities Reinvention e-Course, a powerful interactive, self-paced e-Course of 17 lessons and 267 screens with in depth visualizations and (3)  Success Time, monthly group coaching sessions, with Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S., for progress review, setting Next Steps, reinforcement, support, and troubleshooting help.

Committing to this intensive Reinvention Program,  you will evolve your self-defeating patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. so that you can reach your business goals while experiencing peace of mind, inner resilience and low stress. “It works. It really works!.. Angela. See testimonisls.

Following your purchase, you will receive an email Welcome notification with instructions to access your Blueprint for Change, e-Course at the Extraordinary Self® Learning Portal, and Success Time to help reinforce the abilities and skills you are building. Once you register, we also will follow up with weekly coaching emails relevant to your e-Course content.

Start your Extraordinary “Peak Performer” Future Now! Learn more below.



Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: Reinvention Program


The peak performers we researched share a set of attributes that cause them to reach business success after success . What are their secrets? They all  are able to maintain peace of mind in the face of stressful condition. As obstacles and problems arise, they maintain their resilience rather than succumb to negativity. Staying confident and positive, their business decisions are based on facts and best projections rather than fear and stress. They treat others using Win/Win relationship best practices. These factors plus efficient and focused productivity leads to excellence in profitability.

What about you? Which peak performer attributes are you missing? Are you stressed or do you maintain peace of mind? Overcome with negative emotions or resilient? Anxious and uncertain or confident? Confused and unclear or an effective decision-maker? Blaming and overcontrolling or Win/Win business relationships? Inefficient or effective productivity? And low profitability or high?

What if you could develop the peak performer attributes? What would that do for you and your business? And if you don’t develop  those attributes, what will be your loss? In this Energize for Entrepreneurial Success Reinvention Program, we offer you the opportunity to develop the peak performer attributes, step-by-step, from the inside out.

Based on our research, our team of Psychologists and NLP (see below) Trainers created a program modeled on  the 8 Key Abilities shared in common amongst our peak performers. This Self-Study  Program includes;

(1) A starter Blueprint for Change
(2) Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: An 8 Key Abilities Reinvention e-Course, a powerful interactive, self-paced e-Course of 17 lessons and 267 screens with in-depth reinvention visualizations in every lesson.
(3)  Success Time, monthly group coaching sessions, with Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S., for progress review, setting Next Steps, reinforcement, support, and troubleshooting help.

Get unstuck! Enjoy more success! Increase Confidence! Reach goals consistently with our no-fail
learning system and live, group coaching to make sure you stay accountable to your goals and dreams.

Energize for Entrepreneurial Success: 8 Key Abilities Reinvention e-Course


Lesson 1 – Calm Your Inner Self

Why: When relationships disintegrate, we experience deeper stress, worry, anxiety and fear of the future. This often leads to feelings of overwhelm and distress as well as sleepless nights and confusing days. Let’s start to change that, step by step, with this introductory module.

As a result, you will:

  • Become calmer, as you learn to use our Stress-Lessening Breathing Exercise and other Recovery exercises.
  • Gain clarity on what type of goals and changes will help you enjoy more satisfaction and success ahead.
  • Develop preliminary view of new future.

Lesson 2 – 8 Key Abilities for your Extraordinary Self

Why: This lesson lays out the 8 Key Abilities of extraordinary individuals, for whom suffering is optional. Mastering these 8 Key Abilities is the core of your reinvention.

As a result, you will:

  • Assess yourself on those 8 Key Abilities.
  • Be ready to focus on the Key Abilities you most need to learn and practice.
  • Gain a sense of hope in your future.

Lesson 3 – From Limiting to Liberating Beliefs

Why: Beliefs are the core of our feelings and thoughts. Learning how to identify and shift beliefs is the beginning of making suffering optional. In this lesson, you will be led through how to shift beliefs with interactive worksheets and deep visualizatons.

As a result, you will:

  • Learn to identify your beliefs.
  • Learn to shift Limiting Beliefs to Liberating Beliefs.
  • Practice and apply to real life.

Lesson 4 – Develop Unshakeable Self-Worth

Why: Failed relationships take a toll on our identity, leading us to question our own self-worth. This creates negativity, self-attacks, hopelessness, and lack of energy, purpose and direction. Chronic low self-worth makes it even worse.  There is a better way! In this lesson you will develop a sense of deep self-acceptance and breathe new life into the tapestry of you. Uncover the unshakeable foundation of High Self-Worth.

As a result, you will:

• Bolster self-confidence and self-trust, while lowering anxiety.
• Develop Unshakeable Self-Worth and Liberating Beliefs that help you stop fear and worry.
• Feel more energetic and less hopeless.
• Begin changing patterns for a better life and better relationship in the future.
• Hold your new Liberating Beliefs will allow you to explore more deeply what went wrong in past relationship(s).

Lessons 5 and 6 – Transform Self-Defeating Patterns

Why: It’s highly likely that repeating patterns, such as over-pleasing, negative self-talk and self-attacks have led to your current distress –the patterns that keep you from having the life and relationship you want?

Now that you have been strengthening your foundational Self-Worth, you are ready for the next step in your transformation! It is time to change patterns – such as how you set yourself up for failure – and create a new and far more satisfying life and relationship story. And you will empower your self-talk.

You will feel less disintegrated, sad and unhappy, more quickly able to recognize and detach from Self-Defeating Patterns and more powerful and confident about moving forward into a better future.

As a result, you will:

  • Identify pesky, subconscious Self-Defeating Patterns, like over-pleasing, negative self-talk, and/or self-attacks that arise automatically and hold you back from creating your dream life and relationship.
  • Detach quickly and effectively from these Self-Defeating Patterns
  • Transform underlying Limiting Beliefs behind each Self-Defeating Pattern into learning-focused Liberating Beliefs that move you forward.
  • Go into action in the real world, having learned to quickly minimize self-defeating patterns.

Lessons 7 and 8 – Evolve Your Vision, Values and Mission for a New Future

Why: It’s not easy to get what you want when you don’t really know what that is or how to get it. This Module will change that!

Gain clarity and focus as you explore hidden facets of you, and connect more deeply with your authentic self and desires. With this action-oriented module, you will gain insight, strategies, and tools to help you stay focused and connected to what you truly want going forward. With that in mind, your motivation and hope for the future will increase.

As a result, you will:

  • Gain clarity about your evolving self-concept.
  • Identify your set of personal values and use them to create a vision for your positive future.
  • Refine your authentic personal and/or professional missions, which will act as beacons for your future direction.

Lessons 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Step into Your Success: Goal-Setting, Action Planning and Next-Step Learning

Why: Imagine that you are standing in your own power, influencing others and getting your needs met in life, work and relationships – faster and more effectively than ever. You’re almost there.

We will help you plan your new future and support you in getting there step by step. You will learn an extraordinary goal-getting process to ensure you break through to a new level without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

As a result, you will:

  • Understand how to take action you never thought possible for results you never knew how to get!
  • Step out of self-defeating patterns more quickly – faster and wiser, fueled by enhanced self-worth, empowered inner voice, and clarity about your values, vision and mission.
  • Confidently move forward and reach goals that you may not even have believed you deserved in the past.
  • Move forward with purpose.
  • Gain the non-stop confidence you’ve needed as you enjoy extraordinary results, time and time again!
  • With a new mindset, you will strategize, create, problem solve, and thrive.
  • Practice a method that ensures you will set and reach goals that are in your control or influence.

Lesson 13 – Own Your New Future


Getting to your positive, empowered future means recognizing your part in past feelings, life choices, decisions, and relationships – without beating yourself up. In this module, we enhance your “response ability” for creating the life and relationship you choose – even if that is simply a better relationship with yourself.

As a result, you will:

  • See and acknowledge that decisions you made in the past were based on who you were back then, and learn not to beat yourself up about them.
  • Master the ability to shift out of old automatic habits of blame, shame, guilt and self-attacks – as you take more responsibility for your feelings, decisions, and actions going forward.
  • Feel more courageous, capable and confident about going for the future you want.

Lessons 14 and 15- From Inner Critic to Inner Coach

Why: In these lessons, you will explore inner sources of negativity, self-doubt and self-attacks. Having begun to experience higher self-worth and less distress, you now will learn how to let go of shame, guilt, self-blame, and self-attacks. You will focus on transforming and empowering your inner core – so that you no longer beat yourself up or feel hopeless. Instead, your own inner voice will become supportive and helpful, good feelings will follow.

As a result, you will:

  • Transform and shift the roles, inner voices and behaviors of your Inner Judge and Obstacle Parts.
  • Free yourself to discover your authentic desires and desired goals.
  • Be less fearful of failure, criticism or rejection as happens often – without conscious awareness.
  • No longer fear the inner punishment of shame and guilt.
  • Start moving forward in life with more confidence because of strengthened inner resources.

Lesson 16 – Prepare for the Extraordinary Relationship

Why: Extraordinary Relationships, including the one with yourself, operate with more love, compassion, empathy and balance to get needs met.

Now that you have more insight into past painful relationships, and are moving forward in more powerful and less distressing ways, it is time to prepare so that you do not repeat the relationship mistakes of the past. And, even if you don’t want that Extraordinary Relationship with another, this module also will help you with the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

As a result, you will:

  • Practice for future relationships now, while developing greater awareness of the Vicious Cycle in your past.
  • Learn how to recognize, detach from, avoid, or break the Vicious Cycle.
  • Stop predicting relationship failure and prepare for success! Gain clarity on how to cultivate the Extraordinary Relationship(s) you want.
  • Feel supported as you receive personal insight and coaching to keep future relationships positive and need satisfying.

Lesson 16 – Win/Win Communication Skills

Why:  Poor communication and vicious cycles in past relationships may have created distress and frustration, while leaving you to fend for yourself. You may have felt hopeless, and depressed – perhaps engaging in food or retail therapy, or even affairs.

Much of relationship communication starts inside our mind in the form of self-talk, automatic thinking, beliefs and perceptions – whether true or false. Sometimes our false assumptions develop into deeper false beliefs and barriers in our relationships. In this module, we will explore “all things communication” and help develop new abilities for communicating with compassion, confidence and clarity.

As a result, you will:

  • Develop 7 Key Extraordinary Communication Skills that will allow you to avoid communication that sabotaged your past relationships.
  • Master the art of Win/Win Communication, which helps avoid conflicts, arguing or withdrawing, and/or feelings of hurt and betrayal.
  • Sharpen your communication skills with key practices and exercises that support trust, understanding, and rapport to help you and your partner feel heard and validated.

Lesson 17 – Putting It All Together


Dr. Diane (Kramer) is a long-time business and relationship coach, technology entrepreneur, psychologist, mediator, and author. Dr. Diane brings experience, insight, wisdom and powerful tools to help her clients reinvent themselves from the inside out. The result – more productivity, less stress, more profitability, less overwhelm, more peace of mind, less frustration. She teaches the mindset, skillset and actionset to reach success goals time-after-time in business and life.

Donna (Anselmo) M.S., is a long-time business and relationship coach, best-selling author, hypnotherapist and branding/marketing specialist who uses experience, wisdom, compassion and powerful tools to lead her clients to far more successful business results. At the same time, these clients experience far more  peace of mind, inner resilience and  confidence.

Co-founders of the award-winning Extraordinary Self Reinvention Programs, Donna and Dr. Diane draw their tools from Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (think Tony Robbins) and Mindfulness Practices.

Note: Following your purchase, you will receive an email Welcome notification with instructions to schedule your Orientation Session, download your Blueprint for Change, access your intensive and extensive  e-Course, access Success Time coaching with us, Donna and Dr. Diane, and get started. Once you begin your e-Course, we also will follow up with weekly messages to help facilitate change.

More productivity, more peace of mind, more confidence, more success, more profit, and less frustration!

What Will You Lose By Not Getting Started Today? Peace of mind and productivity/profitability. What else?

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