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Adopting a Set of Liberating Beliefs Will Fuel Your Success

Extraordinary Selves have learned to rely on a learning mindset. They figure out what information and resources they need to succeed, then they take the steps needed to get there. The result is more breakthrough outcomes, consistently.

What’s a breakthrough outcome? It’s a big result that makes a real difference for you. Depending on your desired result, that difference may come from what you believe, how you think, and/or the actions you take toward your goals.

Extraordinary Selves learn and come to believe that they can achieve anything within their control or influence as long as they take it one step at a time and learn from the feedback they get along the way.

When things don’t go as planned, or when Extraordinary Selves realize they made a mistake, they view their mistakes as information, rather than an inner flaw. (They no longer tell themselves something is wrong with them if they make a mistake.)They use that information as feedback about what they still need to learn to do better and what not to do next time. Then, they use their belief in continuous learning to identify a next step, get back on track, and move forward again.

Rather than stay mired in worry or self-recrimination, Extraordinary Selves embrace another truly Liberating Belief—There is no need to fail or feel bad when failure occurs. Failure is simply failure to learn the next step toward a goal and take it. For success, stay in learning mode!

Liberating Beliefs create a mental opening through a learning mindset.
They free one’s mind for solutions thinking.

Extraordinary Selves learn confidence as they work through problem situations. They ask themselves, “What do I still need to learn?” Then they learn it and take action steps toward their goal(s).

Would you like to embrace and benefit from an extraordinary mindset with liberating beliefs?

If so, it’s time to break with your limiting beliefs. All Extraordinary Self e-Courses, such as Power Up for Self-Confidence and Self Worth, include lessons on identifying the inner beliefs that keep people stuck. They provide step-by-step support for learning how to change them.

Is change easy? Not really. It takes conscious effort and practice. But with effort, change happens, and it is so worth it! If you’re ready for change, start today. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions.

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