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Gift someone special with a truly Extraordinary Gift — funds to enjoy Extraordinary Self® e-Courses, Coaching Services and/or e-Books. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who is stuck in a rut, needs to lower stress, wants the learned confidence that comes with consistent success and satisfaction, and/or simply enjoys personal growth and self-development.

Our e-Courses, Coaching Services and/or e-Books make great gifts for a friend, student, family member or business colleague who is targeting change; is interested in learning, growing, or enhancing his/her/their life or career; or simply wants to experience more success and satisfaction in life. Our courses and coaching sessions go deep in facilitating change.

Select the amount you wish to give, and your recipient will be able to redeem the card by selecting an item or items from our Catalog. Gift cards have no expiration date.

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Imagine the Possibilities!

Wondering what to give a special person in your life? Extraordinary Self gift cards offer a positive and potentially life-changing self-development experience.

Know someone who wants more from their life, relationship, or career? Or stuck in a rut, or struggling with stress? Would that someone benefit from more self-confidence and self-worth? Give an Extraordinary Self Gift card for e-Courses, Coaching Services, or a helpful e-Book.

Extraordinary Self e-courses teach people to learn, change and grow – with many support tools. Your recipient(s) will learn what and how to change, so they get the results they want.

When people learn with us, the possibilities are endless!

• Clarity is gained
• Negative voices fade away
• Self-Confidence grows and flourishes
• Goals become easier to reach
• Positivity abounds
• Resourcefulness increases
• Judgment improves

Our services are available 24/7 any place with an Internet browser. Our gift cards have no expiration date and may be redeemed at any time. We will e-mail an electronic gift card on the day and time you choose.

Extraordinary Self Gift Cards range in price from $25 to $1,000. Choose your gift  amount and check out today.

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