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Evolving to a More Extraordinary World

In 1969, while a doctoral student in psychology – and contemplating a troubled world – Diane Kramer heard a spiritual inner voice say: “The world will shift in a positive direction with Evolution, Belief Changes and Computers.” That intriguing message set her on a course to help herself and others evolve to a life of consistent good feelings, continual inner satisfaction, and ongoing success.

In 2004, as a professor of psychology, Dr. Diane organized a research team of Psychologists and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainers to study the underpinnings and traits of people who demonstrated extraordinary outcomes in life – with apparently high personal satisfaction, time after time.

The team learned that these Extraordinary people really believed in themselves, so they were able to maintain high level self-worth – no matter what was happening in their lives and businesses. How was that possible? They had learned to change self-defeating patterns into extraordinary success patterns – inside and out. And, they figured out no-fail ways of reaching important goals. 

Our First Program: In-person Learning in Business and College Environments

Believing the mindset and skills of those extraordinary people could be modeled and taught, Dr. Diane developed the Extraordinary Self® program. By 2005, this 8-week course engaged individuals and groups in developing the mindset, beliefs, thinking, and behaviors of peak performers. Shortly after, she integrated those lessons into college courses, and almost every student reported outcomes such as improved grades and more inner satisfaction.

In 2006, Donna Anselmo signed up for the 8-week Extraordinary Self® training course. A marketing consultant at the time, she was surprised when – during a visualization exercise in Week 4 of the course – she unexpectedly saw herself teaching Extraordinary Self® methods to small groups in Florida. She knew this program would become her future!

Concerned for years about the impact of depression and despair on vulnerable lives, Donna’s own passion for helping people thrive had already been front and center. After finishing the Extraordinary Self program, she began studying closely with Diane and others on weekends and evenings to become certified as an Extraordinary Self® coach/facilitator. By 2008, Donna was “living the dream” and conducting Extraordinary Self® training sessions in Melbourne, Florida.

Expanding Access through Online Learning

Years later, Diane and Donna joined forces to create an online learning program to make this training widely accessible. It’s taken us years to do it, but we stayed the course.

We believe if people across the world learn to liberate themselves from thoughts, perceptions, and emotions that lead to negative spirals personally, professionally, and even politically, our world will become a place where everyone can thrive. Imagine a world where needs are met and people feel whole in themselves and highly satisfied in life.

Our e-Courses immerse learners in breaking out of even longstanding patterns that separate people from the fulfilling, meaningful lives they were born to enjoy.

Would you love to live in a more happy, more extraordinary world — where people learn to communicate in win/win ways and work to ensure that their needs and those of others are satisfied as much as possible, and where communities thrive?

Extraordinary Self e-Courses provide a pathway to meaningful change. Ready for change?

We invite you to be part of our story! Immerse yourself in our extraordinary world — inside and out!

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