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Don’t Settle! Learn the Secrets of Change

What keeps you from enjoying more of life? What worries make it difficult to fall asleep at night? Do fears hold you back from striving to reach big goals? No matter who you are, or what you’ve accomplished already, fear can be paralyzing. For many, it gets in the way of setting goals at all.

You might, for example, worry about what would happen if you tried and failed? You may have experienced failures in school, in business, in relationships, over and over. You might have started toward a goal and then lost motivation along the way. Worrying about another failure stops most people in their tracks.

You might worry about feeling bad if you are criticized, shamed or rejected by others when you try something new. So you don’t try.

Maybe you have a history of making poor decisions. You may feel stuck in terrible relationships or feel too much stress, anxiety or depression.you stay stuck in bad feelings for too long.

If you have lived-long term with any of those issues, you are probably settling for too little. The fortunate people who learned how to shift out of unhelpful thought, belief and behavior patterns now enjoy far more inner satisfaction and outer success. You can get there, too!


One way to reduce fear of failure is to get a very clear picture of what success would look like. For example, when making a decision that will impact your life, it helps to set criteria for what the right outcome will look like for you. What kind of changes would actually make those changes worthwhile for you?

For example, you might say that your effort and investment would be worth it if you can:
• Increase your feelings of self worth and self assurance; and/or
• Empower yourself to stand up and feel whole despite what critical others say or do; and/or
• Learn how to step out of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors; and/or
• Stop holding yourself back with limiting beliefs; and/or
• Stand up for yourself against critical others; and/or
• Identify and learn how to access the resources you need to reach your goals; and/or
• Get what you want more consistently; and/or
• Enjoy more success and satisfaction.

You also might set goals to improve your relationship(s), increase earnings, find a better place to live, or travel more or enjoy a hobbies you’ve been putting off.

Whatever your goal or goals, take a moment now to envision your life after you have made the changes you desire. Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish, consider whether you need help. If you, Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs can help guide you toward your goals and help ensure you meet them.

While all ‘Extraordinary Self’ Courses are designed to help you to ‘Reinvent’ yourself, we know that individual needs vary. Take our Complimentary Self Assessment to help you decide what areas you want to work on and which courses would be best for you.  We’re here to help.