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Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Master Pass



Transform to Extraordinary!
This package offers the ultimate experience for people desiring ongoing growth, conscious evolution, and sustainable positive change—and all the benefits that go with it. With The Extraordinary Self® Reinvention MASTER PASS, you can enjoy the entire extraordinary experience. See details below for the many benefits.

Transform to Extraordinary!

This package offers the ultimate experience
for people desiring ongoing growth,
conscious evolution,
sustainable positive change
—and all the benefits that go with it

Our Extraordinary Self® REINVENTION MASTER PASS entitles you to access the entire:

  • Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Portal, rich with courses that go deep in facilitating personal growth and development; and more …
  • Extraordinary Self® Online Retreat, our series of unique live and pre-recorded seminars, training presentations and e-publications that offer insights to the extraordinary world of personal transformation; and
  • Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Coaching to provide added insight and accountability as you pursue your own special goals.

Extroardinary Self® REINVENTION PORTAL
Here, you’ll  meet your Extraordinary Self ® and work on developing your Extraordinary Future as you navigate 13 powerful courses. Courses are available 24/7 on our proprietary e-learning platform. Courses include:

  • Reinvent Your Mindset! 8 Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future
  • Embrace the Secret to Lasting Change! Inner Mastery: 4 Steps to Powerful Change
  • Experience Peace, Clarity and Control! Embrace the Art of Mindfulness
  • Feel Good No Matter What! Power Up for Inner Strength and Self Worth
  • Move Forward! Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns
  • Stop Self Sabotage! Trade Self Punishment for Self Love
  • Take Control! Develop Your Emotional Power
  • Empower Yourself! Generating Positive Self Talk
  • Get Unstuck! Resolve Inner Conflicts
  • Feel Good about You! Strengthen Self Image with Core Values
  • Become Assertive! Standing Strong with Critical Others
  • Relax and Enjoy!  Transform Your Stress Landscape

Every Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Program course includes:

  • Proprietary learning strategy that help you integrate and internalize each lesson on your learning journey.
  • Practice exercises to keep you focused, motivated, action-oriented, and moving forward.
  • Password-protected online journal in which you can track your shifting thoughts, insights, awareness, feelings, and actions as you move toward and embrace your Extraordinary Future.
  • Visualizations that help you shift inside and improve your ability to bring your inner changes to your outer life.

Extraordinary Self® ONLINE RETREAT
Enjoy inspirational opportunities that will help you sustain enthusiasm and motivation for your learning journey. As you participate in our series of enlightening opportunities, you will gain confidence and open yourself to more joy. The helpful resources shared through our ONLINE RETREAT will help you stay clear and focused. They will help you align your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and actions with your goals.

Choose from instructional seminars, presentations and e-publications that will fill you with thoughts, insights and positive feelings to speed up your personal and professional reinvention experiences.

Our individual coaching sessions are designed to ensure you reach your goals. We help you by clarify your strategies, establish criteria, and encourage accountability. This will help you push forward on your own breakthrough goals for next-level growth. Developed by a team of psychologists, social workers and business leaders, our coaching program has been hailed as transformational. Our certified, award-winning coaches will deliver insights and strategic advisement to support your growth mindset and help you advance on your road to higher-level success and satisfaction.

With decades of teaching and personal training experience with individuals and professional teams, we transitioned these award-winning courses online to reach a larger audience. Our award-winning team also includes a select group of certified Extraordinary Self® coach facilitators, located in various locations across the United States and certified in delivering Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Coaching. Our goal is to help you move strategically from where you are now to where you want to be.


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