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You deserve to be the very best you, right? In Reinventing Yourself through our Extraordinary Self Program, you will learn to:

Build and Sustain Motivation So You ‘Never, Never, Never Give Up’ Believing in You and Reaching Your Goals.

Accelerate Change So You Quickly Leave Behind Disappointments, Failures and Hurts. Instead, you will Develop Inner Strength, Radiate Positivity and Learn our No-Fail Way of Reaching Goals.

Enhance Self Value So That You Respect, Love and Feel Good about You No Matter What Happens Outside You.

Benefit from Strong Value — Extraordinary Self courses will help you:
• Get unstuck so you move forward as you want to
• Learn to reach your breakthrough goals
• Feel good about yourself no matter what
• Transform self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and behavior patterns
• Replace negative thinking with self-empowerment
• Increase self confidence
• Learn to quickly navigate through troubling waters to reach ‘good feeling’ ground.
• Achieve both success and satisfaction. You will truly reinvent yourself.
• And much more

If you want more Extraordinary in your life, and are ready to invest time, effort and money in you, we invite you to enroll in the Extraordinary Self Program.

Take Our Extraordinary Self stand-alone e-Courses—or For Even More Change—Combine with our Powerful Extraordinary Self Coaching. 

You deserve to be the very best you, don’t you? (Please review the Offerings below and if you cannot decide how or where to begin, use our Free Self-Assessment and get our recommendations, tailored for you.)

8 Key Abilities for your Extraordinary Future

This course is actually 8 courses in one. It is for you, if you are willing to put in the time and dedication to create significant change. This comprehensive course will move you toward significant goals in your life, while causing you to feel good about you almost all the time. You will replace self-criticism, self-doubt, and worry with self-kindness, self-confidence, and belief in your abilities. You will experience both success and satisfaction. 

We recommended this comprehensive course for those who want to do more than just dip a toe into personal development. It’s for people who want to ensure they will get where they want to go. 

Extraordinary Self Resource Courses

If you identify an automatic thought or behavior pattern you know you want to change, or you want to empower yourself to move forward with less inner resistance, you’ll find help in our individual resource courses. From Increasing Self Worth to Dealing with Critical Others, there is probably a course that will meet your special need.

We recommend Resource Courses for those who are naturally cautious and want to start with one small change in Self at a time. We also suggest them as an option for people who know themselves so well that they can isolate their weaknesses and work on them, kind of like spot cleaning or what we call a targeted tune-up.

Inner Mastery for Sustainable Change
In this course you will learn the skills to change any aspect of yourself. More important, you will receive support for developing those skills through four insightful lessons, exercises, visualizations, and journal opportunities. Once you learn and implement the secrets to sustainable change, you will find yourself naturally using your new skill set in multiple areas of your life. As a result, you will feel more accomplished and in control of your life and destiny.

We recommend this course for people who want to build the personal power needed to navigate the many challenges in life.  Once learned this skill will be yours forever.  This valuable course may be taken on its own or as a brilliant complement to the 8 Key Abilities Course or any off our Resource courses. 

Mindfulness Course

Are you looking for more peace, clarity and control in your life? Learn several valuable skills as you develop the calm, peaceful and aware mindset of a Buddha. This eCourse helps you to interrupt and detach from the negativity in your life—beliefs, thoughts and feelings—while helping you to stay in the moment and enjoy experiences more fully.  

We recommended this course as a helpful starting point for personal development.

This course is highly appropriate for people who expend energy rehashing the past or worrying about the future. This course will help you stay clear, focused and alert.