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Success Roadmap


Are you ready to speed up your transformation to success in life and work? This program teaches you how to stay calm, clear and present—no matter what’s going on around you so you feel good no matter what. Our success strategies help you set priorities and diminish self attacks.
As you do, you will come to rely on your own judgment and learn how to make excellent decisions. You will learn to develop plans in line with your life’s purpose while stepping out of limiting beliefs and patterns. And, you’ll find yourself moving forward without procrastinating.

As you work on skills in this program, you’ll also learn how to communicate more effectively, get what you need more consistently and build the win-win relationships that help you thrive in life and work. Sound good? LEARN MORE

Perhaps you believe there is more to you and for you in this life, but you haven’t quite found it—yet. You may feel a deep longing for deeper communication and a stronger relationship with others in your life. You want to feel positive, confident and loving almost all the  time when relating to others, while also staying true to your own values and beliefs. You want to hold your own in healthy, loving relationships and/or transform dysfunctional relationships in life or at work so you feel more connected, on track and productive. Our Extraordinary Relationships Program helps people transform not only their interactions with others, but also their own life. We’ll help you develop the emotional power and strategies to enhance your relationships. Ready? LEARN MORE


Success requires that you think like an expert, plan like a chess master, make extraordinary decisions, and demonstrate the emotional mastery of a Buddha.
Our Extraordinary Business Program prepares you to:
Get really clear on your business mission, vision, purpose and heart’s desire; Develop breakthrough strategic goals; Strengthen action plans; Structure continuous learning and reward processes (for you and your teams); Evolve your Inner CEO, resources and voice; Transform beliefs and patterns that hold you back now; Improve business accountability, decisions, outcomes and relationships. This comprehensive program leads to more creativity, sustainable motivation, solutions thinking, and success patterns and productivity. Curious? LEARN MORE


“KAREN FERRARO, president

“Nothing else compares—therapy, Landmark/Legacy, self-help books—nothing!  The Extraordinary Self approach has given me a new ability to turn down the noise and reclaim my self-worth. Best of all, I feel happy, completely fulfilled and appreciate all that I am.  The tools are easy to use and integrate with my everyday life.  In business I am progressing because I no longer procrastinate and I have become much more efficient and productive. I can move beyond past obstacles and meet daily challenges, handle all kinds of situations and make important decisions.  I’m feeling much more comfortable with myself and completely energized..”

LLOYD STREISAND President,Sterling Mortgage
“Diane Kramer in her unique program strives to move us from ordinary to extraordinary and succeeds.She is knowledgeable and intuitive and consistent about her dedication to the process she has so extraordinarily developed. We have managed to use her process in personal and business matters with convincing results. This combined with her personal commitment is an experience all should have.”

“RICHARD CORREDOR, President, AB Surveillance Systems
“I can step outside of the situation I am in and go to a place where I can rediscover my power…..change the negative beliefs about myself and draw from the positive energy.As a result, I am more confident, playing life at a higher level and my relationships with men, women, and my family have gotten better.”