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Master the 4 Steps of Change


Are you unsure why you can’t seem to break out of old patterns? Do you want to change but are unsure how to make change stick? Do you start a change then lose motivation? Then it’s time to embrace the right steps for change!

Master your mind for deep change. Become who you want to be, as we engage you in learning the four strategic steps for change and help you practice and cement those changes along the way. 

This course will help you develop mostly good feelings and positive thoughts, low stress and less anxiety. In turn, you’ll develop the mindset and inner muscle needed to sustain the inner and outer behavior changes you target. Once you’ve mastered the steps you’ll be on your way to reaching goals such as: improved relationships, better feelings, more effective behaviors, and/or more productivity.

You will learn the skills needed to change any aspect of yourself you choose. You will set your own goal or goals, and we will help you learn new skills and practice the steps to get there.

You will receive support for developing those skills as you move through four insightful lessons, exercises, visualizations, as well as journaling and action planning opportunities.

Once you learn and implement the secrets to sustainable change, you will find yourself naturally using your new skill set in multiple areas of your life. As you do, you will feel more accomplished and in control of your life and destiny.

Enjoy the Benefits of Inner Mastery!

  • Deepen understanding of inner and outer patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Motivate yourself and learn how to sustain your change efforts.
  • Step out of self-defeating patterns, such as negative thinking, self-recrimination, worry and stress.
  • Strengthen your ability to deal with inner obstacles and and outer critics.
  • Identify what needs to change inside so you feel good and get the results you want outside.

This Course Includes:

  • Access to an engaging, interactive and proprietary platform for integrated learning.
  • Specific insights to four key steps that will help you achieve what you want in life.
  • Online learning tools that foster deep change.
  • Instructive exercises to help reinforce what you are learning
  • Special visualizations to facilitate your change effort.
  • Your own password-protected online journal to increase awareness of thoughts and changes as you engage in your reinvention effort.
  • An Action Planning tool to help you set, track and reach goals.

We recommend this course for people who want to build the personal power needed to navigate the many challenges in life. Once learned this skill will be yours forever.

This valuable course may be taken on its own or as a brilliant complement to the 8 Key Abilities Course or any of our Resource Courses.