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Extraordinary Self Program

Tired of Same Old, Same Old?

If you are tired of feeling stuck, discouraged, unsatisfied, stressed and/or downright miserable, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to take back control of your life (or take control for the first time ever), we can show you how. Underneath every seeming failure are hidden resources waiting to act on your behalf. You just need to know how to turn them on. We can show  you how.

Live the Life You Want

The Extraordinary Self Program has helped thousands of people experience the keys to lasting positive change in thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions that affect the way we live, relate with others and work. This award-winning program helps develop breakthrough changes in life, relationships and business, while supporting you to reinforce the inner change needed to activate outer change in your life.

Our Award-Winning Program

While this online learning opportunity is new, the award-winning Extraordinary Self program has been tested and proven in face-to-face group and individual sessions for more than a decade. As our clients experienced success in our personally delivered program, we wanted to make the same training available to millions of people like you, who crave more success and satisfaction in life and work—and just have more fun.

How does it work?

You choose the goals that are right for you. We help you understand and embrace the keys to getting there. The result is typically more success and greater fulfillment. In fact, 96% of participants in our proven program report significant lasting success. That’s why we believe you will enjoy more success and satisfaction when you put these same strategies and tools to work for you. We’ll show you how.

We attribute the overwhelming success of this program to systematic and integrated programming, which addresses the core competencies for extraordinary success while teaching, developing and reinforcing eight key abilities.

Building self-mastery takes time and practice, so we organized this program into series eight key areas, each with opportunities to learn, practice, test and integrate new ways of thinking and living. During that time, our certified coaches are available by email to provide insight, encouragement, and feedback to help you master competencies from session to session.

Early in our comprehensive eight-session program, we ask each participant to choose a realistic stretch goal to work on over the course of the program. Our program then guides each person create an effective action plan during the course and identify which personal patterns might reinforce or derail progress. Our systematic approach helps you stay on track – internally and externally. Throughout this program, you will consider the beliefs, thought patterns, behaviors and resources that influence your success. At the end of the program, you will have learned key abilities and practiced integrating new, effective mind patterns and behaviors designed to propel you to peak performance over and over.

In essence, you will build a replicable framework for success in the various areas of life, relationships and business.
Should you require deeper work on your relationships—for instance if you are considering separation or divorce, or you haven’t yet been able to enjoy healthy family or business relationships, please download our Extraordinary Relationships ebook.

Key Areas of Focus in Our Systematic 8-Session Program
—Developing Strong Inner Purpose through Mission, Vision and Values
—Planning Your Big Breakthrough – Mastering Goals
—Next Step Action Planning
—Letting Go of Self Defeating Patterns and Limiting Beliefs
—Thinking Strategically / Enhancing Decision-Making Ability, Problem Solving and Creativity
—Communication Skills for Win-Win Relationship Building

Optional Services: Individual training by program or by the hour, pending an assessment of individual needs.
Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you.