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We can all be extraordinary
What It means to be Extraordinary


Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs empower personal and professional transformation experiences that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Our award-winning team founded Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs to create a higher standard in online learning by teaching, in a profoundly different way, the beliefs, thoughts, insights, behaviors and mechanics leading to success and satisfaction in life and work—on an award-winning technology platform.

Our mission is to engage people in the truly extraordinary experience of high-level transformation. As our participants learn to integrate the mind and skill sets needed to enjoy life more fully, they consistently achieve more success and satisfaction in their lives.


In the early 1990’s, Dr. Diane Kramer, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, organized a team of psychologists, social workers and business leaders to study the underpinnings of people whose life habits demonstrated extraordinary success. In the mid-90s, Donna Anselmo, a business leader, communicator and success strategist, joined the team.

Our research demonstrated that the extraordinary individuals we studied shared common traits, including strong self-worth, resourcefulness, integrity, self-motivation, among others. We also found that different people define success in different ways. We defined success as learning how to consistently get what you want, in an ethical way, with great integrity, self-value and self-reliance, so that your success becomes an ongoing pattern

Further research revealed that success traits are learnable. We then set out to develop a program that would engage people in deep personal transformation that sticks. The result was our Eight Key Abilities for Your Extraordinary Future program.

We first implemented the program with small to mid-sized groups as well as individuals desiring an intensive experience with personal coaching support. We later integrated our lessons into a college program and the results with college students were staggering. Students routinely reported better academic outcomes and more emotional resilience.

Over the years, we expanded our course offering to include a selection of focus courses, such as Inner Mastery for Sustainable Change and Mindfulness Training. In addition, our shorter Extraordinary Self® Resource Courses meet the needs of individuals seeking to build one strength at a time. And our Personal Coaching option adds another layer of support for people wanting additional support to help direct and reinforce change efforts.

Today, Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Programs, are available to you online, 24/7 so you can access and grow the resourceful mindset of high achievers—whenever you choose.


Every Extraordinary Self® Reinvention Course offers:
Deep insights to help you understand the reasons for the changes you are making and how to make them stick
• Practice exercises to reinforce what you are learning
• Proprietary learning tools to empower your new skills in both your inner and outer lives
• Interactive visualizations
• A password-protected online journal. Journal about your shifting awareness, thoughts, benefits and changes as you begin reinventing your mind and using your new skills to transform your life.


We’ve dedicated our extensive expertise in psychology and business—and our arsenal of resources—to you because we want to make a difference in this world.

Explore our blogs, download our eBooks, take eCourses at ExtraordinarySelfLearning.com, participate in our webinars and join our community. Bring your friends to the Extraordinary Self world, and together, you’ll learn how to:

• Improve your relationships, even the difficult ones

• Multiply your business success, or start a new business

• Feel good about yourself day in and day out

• Handle stressful situations with ease

• Bounce back from adversities

• Learn from every experience

• Live fully in the present and let go of the past

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