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Thursday, July 20, 2023

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Let’s face it – few people on this planet actually fulfill their dreams and get what they truly want. Whether in relationships, business, leadership, finances, career, low stress life, and positive feelings, most of us let our desires – in one area or another – pass us by.

What about you? Do you have a clear idea of what you want? Are you actualizing your own dreams? Can you pinpoint areas in which you feel unfulfilled or are just holding onto a vague sense of longing? Have you given up on your dreams and sadly decided to live without?

Reconnect with Your Dreams

At Extraordinary Self, Donna and I (Dr. Diane) know conclusively that it is too early to give up your dreams! How do we know this? Because we have helped thousands uncover and resolve the “Hidden Obstacles” keeping them from getting what they want.

Later on this page, we will tell you how we do it, and invite you to take your next step with us toward your dreams. Perhaps you are ready!

For now, imagine that you have resolved those “Hidden Obstacles” keeping you from your dreams so that you now soar – as did our thousands of Extraordinary Self learners.

You might imagine that you: Find your soul mate;  or Break through your procrastination and fear to start your business; or Figure out how to deal with the people above you on the corporate ladder and/or with competitors, as you make your way up; or Move to your ideal community and start the life you have always wanted; or Have enough money in the bank to feel secure and comfortable.

Imagine as you reach your dreams, you also are walking around with low stress and high positivity. This could be you. Why not you?

Maybe it feels hard to believe, but it is definitely possible.

What Gets in Our Way: On the Surface

When we ask what gets in one’s way of reaching one’s dreams, we hear answers like:

“I don’t know what to do; or “That is not me;“ or “I don’t come from that kind of family;” or “ I am convinced that I am stuck with me the way I am;” or “I tried and nothing worked:”

 Sometimes we hear, “I am too emotional;” or “ I am ashamed that I haven’t succeeded more;” or “It will always be like this.” or “I can’t change,” or  “I am not smart enough.” or “I am not attractive enough.”

 “I have no luck;” or “I don’t have those connections;” or “I am not as good as…; “of “There is no one who would want to help me;” or “I have no idea what to do.” 

When examined, these statements – actually Limiting Beliefs that we take to be true — are actually part of what keeps us stuck in a rut. And the underlying “Real Problems’ never get resolved. That can change!

The fact that you are still reading is a pretty good indicator that you want some kind of change in your life. Right?
So how to you get there?

Hidden Obstacles: Below the Surface

What are the “real problems” or “hidden obstacles” that we keep hinting about? The ones that, when resolved, will start you on your dream path?

The most comprehensive term for those hidden obstacles is “Self -Concept.” Basically, your Self-Concept is how you feel about yourself.

A negative Self-Concept will drown your dreams. Even if you struggle and struggle and reach the outer success you want, your own negative Self-Concept (if you have one) will quickly follow a “win” with more-of-the-same negativity, fear of failure, lessened self-love, and potential defeat. A vicious cycle.

While a negative Self-Concept can manifest in many ways, the result is always the same. With negative Self-Concept, you will feel stuck, stressed, or slowed down. You will not feel the positive flow of reaching your goals step-by-step without a lot of upset.

Your obstacle(s) might lead you to feel like a failure, or weigh you down with guilt, shame, fear, frustration, stress or defeatism. You will give up before reaching your dreams – or if you do reach them, you probably won’t enjoy them for very long – before you start stressing over the next milestone.

As part of your negative Self-Concept, your bad feelings  and Limiting Beliefs might manifest as negative self-talk – talking to yourself in negative and even destructive ways. You might come to make poor decisions. Or you might experience bad feelings – such as guilt, shame, fear, frustration, anxiety, depression and/or low self-worth.

The wounded parts of you from childhood might continue to get triggered and make you feel bad. Or your critical Inner Judge might attack you at the slightest mistake. You might become a “procrastinator” to avoid possible failure or additional stress. Or a “pleaser” to avoid taking responsibility for your own dreams. Or a “perfectionist,” thinking that is the only route to feeling good is that impossible striving to be perfect.  

When you don’t feel good enough, you lose motivation, momentum and the impetus to keep on going. Some dreams crash and burn. Or if you do reach one, the same negativity crops up and makes the next one so hard to reach. You get stuck in a vicious cycle.

Inner Changes Needed and Learning Path to Follow

In contrast to all this negativity and Limiting Beliefs, our Extraordinary Self clients, like us, have learned to feel good about ourselves, no matter what, unconditionally. Our critical Inner Judges have turned into Inner Coaches, and our childhood wounds have been soothed.

Following the principles and strategies we share, we have learned to go for our dreams with a minimum of inner stress and a maximum of inner satisfaction. We and our Extraordinary Self® clients have conquered the “Hidden Obstacles – the real problem, which is our negative Self-Concepts, including lack of self-worth, negative self-talk, self-attacks and childhood wounds that keep us in place. We have transformed them to the positive.

With a positive Self-Concept and Liberating rather than Limiting Beliefs, you will find yourself moving toward your dreams in a new way. You will follow the proven path of “Extraordinary Selves.”

With supportive, learning-centered Liberating Beliefs – instead of getting stuck at any negativity points, fears, obstacles, indecision, or blocks – you will instead focus on what you need to learn, rather than on what is wrong with you.

Feeling good, you will break what you have to learn into small little bites or “chunks,” and learn what is needed to move forward.

We will guide you in learning the key abilities and skills missing as you were growing up and/or mired in a negative Self-Concept. We will support you in these new learnings.

The Story of Chris

Chris let her upper manager claim her work as his own. As a result, she never moved up or got a raise. Why did Chris never assert herself? Because when her boss criticized her, Chris believed it about herself.  She didn’t feel deserving.

In the Extraordinary Self Program, Chris changed her self-concept to the positive. She learned to shift her Limiting Belief from “I am not good enough,” to the Liberating Belief, “I am good and and deserving. Now I just have to learn to stand up for myself and ask for what I want.”

She did that learning!

As Chris asserted herself, she learned to navigate office politics. She gained the confidence to sidestep her boss. She then started her own well-deserved climb up the corporate ladder. In becoming her Extraordinary Self®, Chris got the results she longed for.

How We Can Help You

If you resonate at least a bit with the “Real Problems” aka “Hidden Obstacles” described above and want to conquer them and learn to reach your own dreams, then maybe you are ready now to take your next step with us.

You may want this opportunity for yourself – your chance to use our expertise and guidance, as part of the Extraordinary Self® Transformation Programs, to reach your dreams.

On Friday, September 23, we will help you Dissolve Hidden Obstacles and Unlock Extraordinary Results. You will meet us, Donna and Dr. Diane, and further explore your visions as well as what really has gotten in your way.

During this free workshop, you will explore your own “Hidden Obstacles” in more depth and take the next step toward change. We offer this free program because we so want you to reach your dreams and get the results you want.

Sign up here to reserve your place and receive a free gift from us to begin your changes.

And if you are ready and feel the pull to start reaching your dreams right away, enroll in one of our Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs now. Each Program gives you a Blueprint for Change, weekly group support, weekly e-coaching, and guidance meetings with us as mentors, and a powerful e-Course (of your choice) with multiple, powerful, transformative visualizations to lead you toward your dream goal – at your own pace.

Click here to start your Extraordinary Self Transformation Program and also get a free gift from us as part of your journey. Or give us a call at 631-553-1476 to discuss which program is right for you.

Coming Attraction!

For those of you who want and need lots of guidance and mentoring to get you over the rough spots, this fall we will open our Premier Gold Package to a select few. This Package features our personally guided Extraordinary Self® 8-week program plus all the benefits of our Extraordinary Self Transformation Programs mentioned above — now delivered live online.

And at any point, you can call us at 631-553-1476 or 631-979-0100 for us to help you create a custom package of individual coaching and learning, with full accountability so that you can accelerate reaching those dreams.

During this powerful 90-minute workshop,
Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S.,
will help you
Dissolve Hidden Obstacles and Unlock Extraordinary Results!

In this Workshop, you’ll experience 3 Key Abilities that unlock more success and satisfaction in life, relationships and careers.

Learn with us, and you’ll create more space in your life for passion, enthusiasm, and energy. Actually, you will do more than just learn. You will start unpacking hidden self-defeating patterns and begin your changes!

As you practice these 3 Key Ability exercises, you’ll derive many benefits – time expands, creativity surges, and results-oriented changes emerge.

Your Time Is Now!

Activate Your Potential to Achieve the Results You Deserve!

Since the early 1970’s, our team members have been at the leading edge of personal and professional development. In 2006,  we introduced our revolutionary and research-based Extraordinary Self® Transformation Program. This proven program has since helped thousands of women like you unblock themselves by unlocking Key Abilities for extraordinary success and satisfaction.

By internalizing the same Abilities we would love to help you develop, thousands of extraordinary women already have achieved exceptional results. Why not you?

As they honed these Key Abilities  — they transformed their sense of self — as well as their lives, relationships and careers. In short, they reached their goals.

These women, whom we call Extraordinary Selves. enjoyed big breakthroughs. They cultivated a powerful mindset, higher earnings, more respect, extraordinary relationships, abundant creativity, and profound success inside and out.

So why is it so challenging to get the big results you want in your own business and/or career?

Why is it so hard to break through the inner glass ceiling or the sense of imposter syndrome that holds so many women locked in place?

The answer is you simply haven’t sharpened these Key Abilities – yet. And, you need to!

With exponential growth in regional and global competition — and myriad distractions of a discordant world — comfort-zone complacency won’t cut it. You must be able to create and lead changes you want for results inside and out! 

As a woman with goals and dreams, you need extraordinary skills and abilities to succeed. 

To succeed, you need the inner skills that bring all else together – your dreams, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and your success patterns. And, those skills must align within to work in lockstep!

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What Gets in the Way of Unlocking Potential?

Most personal development and self-awareness courses do not understand or really deal with the deeper blocks that stop women from excelling and getting the results they want.

Many coaches and instructors teach the surface skills without first uncovering the foundational locks that hold one’s ineffective patterns in place – patterns like stress, frustration, blame, perfectionism, withdrawal, and avoidance.

Without uncovering the roots of success blocks, even a motivated career woman risks living and working in a holding pattern – never connecting with who and all she is capable of being.

It is heartbreaking to feel stuck and waste your great potential — especially when you can learn and practice what’s needed to enjoy the deep satisfaction and success of Extraordinary Selves.

We’ve seen that many business and professional women succeed just enough to keep going – but we know they are capable of so much more! We’ve seen it happen over and over with women in our Program who are using 3 of the Key Abilities we will share in this program – for free.

We know that more comes to life for women learn the Key Abilities of Extraordinary Selves.

Are you ready to transform and get the results you want inside and out?

Results such as … good feelings … personal and career alignment … living and working with purpose … big goals accomplished … a helpful inner coach instead of a critical inner voice … more extraordinary relationships … win/win communication … successful negotiation with more authenticity … ongoing integrity … and measurable success?

Is that what you want? Do you see how those results will help you?

Do you also need to feel confident that you will get extraordinary results before taking the risk of investing in yourself? Sure you do.

A Note from Dr. Diane

In the late 1960’s I experienced a spiritual vision of a more extraordinary world that would evolve through beliefs changes, behavior changes, and new technology. That intriguing vision carried through my long career as a clinical psychologist, full-time college professor of psychology, and award-winning tech entrepreneur.

Since 1993, I have been working on developing step-by-step methods to unlock deep fast, life changing results for women – 30 years! This body of work became the Extraordinary Self® Program (first delivered in person to small groups of business leaders, professional organizations and individuals on Long Island, NY.)

At the time, these methods helped more than 2,000 women (plus men and couples) reach goals they set for themselves in business and life. The Program earned a 96% satisfaction rate in participant surveys. And we now offer this training with online support – enabling us to serve you, too.

The workshop-style Webinar we host on July 20 shares this same Extraordinary Self approach, modeled on the inner and outer patterns of highly successful, highly satisfied people. This modeling of success patterns underlies all of my coaching, therapy and e-course work – and that of our Extraordinary Self-certified coaches.

Over the years, Extraordinary Self coaches have brought more success to business owners, upper-level managers and C-suite executives, sales people,  lawyers, nurses, educators  and other professionals.

Extraordinary Self Programs produce “breakthrough results” – results that make a big difference for our clients – leading to business success and career advancement, higher earnings, more visibility, recognized leadership, extraordinary relationships, love, and well-being to name some results. You choose your goals. We help you get there.

The Extraordinary Self Program is a revolutionary step-by-step method, specifically designed to help you overcome the hidden and internal barriers that keep you from realizing your full potential and achieving the goals you set.

Do you want more in your life? Do you want to reach your own great potential aka self-actualize (a concept originally espoused by psychologist Abraham Maslow)?Are you feeling the impulse to become everything you can be? Are you prompted to use your gifts to help those around you?

We want that for you!

Too few programs are designed specifically for women who want to self-actualize, live with unshakeable self-worth, stand in their own powerful self-concept, and live from the inside out – with integrity – while experiencing continual inner satisfaction and outer success.

Our Program will deliver what you need – starting with this Webiner.

We invite you to sign up and step into Extraordinary Self power on July 20 at 11 AM PAC / 2 PM EST.

Ready for Real Change?

If you are like Elizabeth, who was ready for a career change, but didn’t know how to step beyond her comfort zone, this is your chance to prepare for your own bigger future!

If you are like Diana or JoAnn, who was stuck in an unfulfilling life and didn’t believe she could change her situation, starting learning  how to shift your beliefs from limiting to liberating! We’ll get you started!

If you are like Judy, who was overwhelmed in a C-level position in a major corporation, you’ll be able to fast track your career by using all the Key Abilities of Extraordinary Selves.

If you are like Michelle, a registered nurse with underutilized skills, you’ll transform your self-concept and grow those new opportunities you desire!

Once you become your Extraordinary Self, your new results will become incredible and irreversible. You deserve this gift to yourself!

Join us July 20 and begin to grow and glow in your extraordinary personal power!

Join Us Risk Free to Sharpen 3 Key Abilities
for Your Personal and Professional Evolution.

Armed with the Key Abilities of Extraordinary Selves, you soon will Dissolve Hidden Obstacles and Unlock Extraordinary Results.

You soon will enjoy More Connection! More Engagement! More Resilience! More Energy! More Balance! More Creativity! More Productivity! More Joy! More Love! More Satisfaction and More Success – Inside and Out!

Are you ready for this? We think so!

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