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pop art image of woman with hands up in front of her face and an "Oh No" expression. She needs a break-up recovery process and coaching.
Pop art woman image holding a cell phone and wearing a suprised expression, saying Ouch. She obviously needs break-up recovery coaching.

Breaking up is painful and difficult. It doesn’t matter if you are the person doing the breaking up, or the other. Break-Ups mean change is underway. Meeting your needs during change takes time, effort and support. Below we share (in brief) 7 Steps to Break-Up Recovery. Putting effort into these steps leads you to positive change and restore your strength and self-love. They also will help you build a new with yourself and with others (if you choose.

If after reading this article, you are interested in more help, we’ve got you covered.

A Brief Synopsis of 7 Steps to Break-Up Recovery

  1. Make getting help a priority. It is not easy to navigate the pain and confusion of relationship breakups or divorce. Most people need help. Create a support system that includes an experienced relationship coach or therapist who will act as a container for your anxiety, bleakness and/or confusion about the future. You need support!
  2. Open up your feelings and build trust with your coach or therapist. Just expressing feelings moves you toward the future. Even if it’s hard for you to talk things out, talking with your coach or therapist will help you start to understand your feelings. Note: If you feel stuck, you may need to first learn how to recognize which feelings you are feeling, before starting to deal with them.
  3. Let the process unfold and your pain will start to diminish. This happens as you gain support and feel the compassion directed in your way.
  4. Once you are feeling supported and comforted, it’s time to: Dive in and strengthen inner resources. In our Extraordinary Self Break-Up Recovery Program, we focus on developing your sense(s) of Unshakeable Self-Worth, Self-Value and Self-Love.
  5. From the perspectives of Unshakeable Self-Worth, you: Learn to challenge and change Self-Defeating Patterns, Limiting Beliefs and your Negative Inner Voice, which beats you up and makes you feel shame, guilt and bleakness.
  6. With these strengthened resources, you’ll be ready to: Focus on you and your new Self-Loving identity. Get to know who are you; what do you value? and what is important to your future?

    As you sort out your personal vision and mission, more specific goals will start to emerge. These goals might be in the area of your own lifestyle, career and/or relationships.
  7. Once you set your goals: Learn to reach them, step by step. We will show you how. We have helped thousands find new directions. Trust us, and we can help you plan your steps and stay accountable.

Meet Us

Who are we, you wonder? We are Dr. Diane Kramer and Donna Anselmo, M.S., co-founders and partners in developing the transformational Extraordinary Self Programs. We are highly experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to helping you to live a life of love, peace, challenge and energy.

In 1992, we started out with a bricks and mortar business, and worked with people, groups and organizations. Our clients wanted better results from their personal and professional lives, careers and relationships. During the Covid Years, we focused on broadening our e-learning courses and platform. This allowed more people to access transformational skills. through comprehensive and resource-full programs. View our online coaching programs for individuals and groups as well as self-serve e-Courses, which can be taken alone or as a supplement to coaching sessions.

Our promise is our deep commitment to helping you improve your own life. We are here for you.

Why Extraordinary Self Programs?

The value in each of our programs is that we go deep. Working with us, you uncover what caused you to land in your current situation. You learn to shift those old patterns – and then you soar!

You soar – as you fall in love with yourself, deal with your self-defeating patterns, and turn that critical Inner Judge into your Inner Coach, friend and resource. Armed with the new powerful inner resources we help you develop, you move out into the world finding and securing what you want and need – so long as that is within your control or influence. You end up feeling inner satisfaction as you achieve outer success, again and again.

Ready for personalized help and support?

We provide both individual and group coaching programs, so you may choose which is right for you. We even have self-help e-Course programs for the budget minded.

Give us a call at 631-553-1476, write to diane@extraordinaryself.com, or go to www.extraordinaryself.com for our catalogue offerings.

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